Home Remodeling Tip: Invest in Top Quality Bathroom Cabinets

Home Remodeling Tip: Invest in Top Quality Bathroom Cabinets

bathroom-cabinetsWhen it comes time to do a bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island, it is important to find a reliable supplier of top quality bathroom cabinets and vanities. Even if you are doing a budget remodel without replacing the tub, shower and other fixtures as a means of upgrading the bathroom to increase your property value or just to replace outdated fixtures, brand new bathroom vanities and cabinets can really make a difference without breaking your budget.

The size of your bathroom will, of course, dictate the amount of upgrading that you can do and the type of solid maple bathroom vanities you will be able to install. There are many different styles, designs, colors and sizes to choose from that can be custom picked to suit your unique needs and preferences. Increasing storage space and other functional advantages by adding brand new vanities and cabinets will not only benefit you and your family, but will be a great selling point when you go to sell your home.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets
Before you head out to a local store to purchase the materials for your bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island, make sure to consider these five important key points to help you make the best choice. There are lots of options out there and it can be easy to become swayed one way or the other without really stopping to think about what you want. Taking the time to think about it and make plans ahead of time can help you avoid making a costly mistake that you’ll be stuck looking at for many years to come.

#1 – Set a Budget
Know how much you want to spend before you go shopping. It can be easy to over-spend on one item and then not be able to afford the things that you really want. If your goal is to purchase top quality bathroom cabinets, go looking at those first before anything else. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint in a brand new color and beautiful solid maple bathroom vanities can do for a bathroom. Some cabinet retailers will also carry countertops, flooring and other important items for your remodeling project so you can pick coordinated materials that will look great together without having to go all over town with samples.

#2 – Measure the Space
While you will probably want a professional contractor to come out to do the official measurement and installation of your brand new bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island, it is important to take an initial measurement yourself so you know which bathroom vanities and cabinets will work best in the available space. If you have a larger bathroom, you can even consider moving the vanity over or adding in cabinets where there is room to increase your storage space and functionality. Make sure to think about how the doors will open and whether they will bump into anything, as well as the amount of foot traffic in and out of the finished bathroom.

#3 – Consider the Cost of Restructuring
While you might have the room to move your cabinets, sink, vanity and other main features of the bathroom around to make it more accessible or functional, it is important to think about how much that will add to the cost of your remodeling project. Moving bath fixtures and pipes can increase the plumbing costs associated with your remodel, but can make valuable improvements that are worth the investment. Just make sure to take everything into consideration before you start purchasing materials.

#4 – Choose Quality Cabinetry
While there are a lot of ways to go cheap when purchasing bathroom vanities and cabinets, it is important to select materials that will stand the test of time and be able to take the punishment of you and your family. The bathroom is one of the most lived-in and well-used rooms of any home, so the materials you choose need to stand up to daily use. Solid maple bathroom vanities are a great choice and they add value to your home if you are ever in the market to sell. Top quality bathroom cabinets do not need to cost a fortune, consider visiting Cabinet Factory Outlet for the best prices on quality materials for your remodeling project.

#5 – Go Grout-Free
If you have ever spent a weekend cleaning grout with specialized, chemical-laden cleaners and a toothbrush, you will appreciate the idea of going grout-free. Clean countertops and other bathroom accessories that are free of grout and crevices that can trap dirt will make them easier to keep looking brand new and increase the return on your investment. When you purchase your bathroom vanities and cabinets, make sure to ask about coordinating countertops and consider going grout-free.

Where to Get Solid Maple Bathroom Vanities in New England
If you are in the market for top quality bathroom cabinets and vanities, look no further than Cabinet Factory Outlet, located in Swansea, Massachusetts. Just a hop, skip and a jump across the border between Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Cabinet Factory Outlet has a wide selection of solid maple bathroom vanities, cabinets, cupboards and accessories to help you create the beautiful bathroom of your dreams. For questions about our products and services, call our local office on Grand Army of the Republic Highway at 508-379-6154.

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