How to Measure Your Kitchen for New Designer Kitchen Cabinets

How to Measure Your Kitchen for New Designer Kitchen Cabinets

measure-kitchenHomeowners in Southeastern Massachusetts have a huge advantage over homeowners in other parts of the country. The Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA provides a wide variety of kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories, as well as kitchen and bathroom countertops, to help homeowners create the kitchen of their dreams. Top quality designer kitchen cabinets at a much more affordable price than anything you will find at a home improvement store, Cabinet Factory Outlet is an excellent opportunity for local residents in Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Rhode Island.

Whether you want shaker style kitchen cupboards or a classic New England style look and feel for your kitchen remodeling project, you’ll find it at the Cabinet Factory Outlet. Choose from a wide variety of colors, finishes, designs and styles to create the kitchen that you have always wanted, at a price that you can afford. But before you can start building your dream kitchen, you’ll need to learn how to properly take measurements. This article will focus on tips that you can use to measure your kitchen so you will know what types of cabinets, cupboards and specialty options will work best in your home.

Getting Started
Begin the process of measuring the room for your brand new shaker style kitchen cupboards or modern style kitchen cabinets. Start by drawing a rough outline of the kitchen and make sure to mark off all of the doors and windows for reference. Make sure to draw the door according to the way that the door swings, so you’ll have it handy when purchasing kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories for your kitchen remodeling project. Also include any obstructions that could pose a problem for installing your new designer kitchen cabinets, such as sink plumbing, pipes, radiators, bulkheads, etc. Also include any other items, such as cabinets or shelving, that you don’t want to move.

BONUS TIP – If you are doing a kitchen remodel and will be moving some of your cabinets and cupboards with the upgrade, do not include the measurements of your current kitchen cabinets with your overall measurements. Do not include other furniture that you won’t be keeping for your new design, such as an old kitchen table or cart that will no longer be used.

No matter how you measure, there should always be a starting point. For best results, start measuring at the top lefthand corner of the drawing that you have made and measure all the way to the first obstruction, whether it be a window, door or wall. When you are measuring up to doors and windows, the rule of thumb is that any trim or edging around the obstruction should be considered as part of the door or window. This will help you to avoid making a calculating mistake that could prove awkward when it comes time to install your new kitchen and bathroom countertops, cabinets and cupboards. Continue measuring all of the room until you come back to your starting point.

BONUS TIP – Make sure that all of your measurements are in the same format. For example, don’t measure a wall in feet and inches, just measure it in inches. This will help you be able to see what will fit – and what won’t – without having to multiply the number of feet by twelve to get the proper inches when you are busy making installation decisions for your brand new designer kitchen cabinets.

The next thing you need to measure is the ceiling height. A lot of people forget this part and it can be extremely important when choosing wall mounted cupboards. Write this measurement in the middle of your drawing. If the ceiling height changes at any point in your kitchen, make sure to take multiple measurements. In some cases, particularly with older homes, ceilings in the same room can vary by a couple of inches from one side to the next. Also make sure to measure from the floor up to the bottom of each window and then measure the height of each window as well. Record all of the data for future reference.

BONUS TIP – If you have multiple windows in your kitchen, call each window by name for reference. Label them on your drawing as Window 1, Window 2, etc. and do it in a clockwise order, the same way that you measured the room. Do the same with doors if you have multiple doors in your kitchen. You should also make notes on your sketch for each wall, labeling whether it is an exterior wall or an interior wall.

Make sure to check the measurements. Some homeowners feel more comfortable with measuring each measurement twice. If you have a room that is rectangular, the opposite or parallel walls should be the same measurement in total, or at least close. The other two opposite walls should also match up. Once you have all of the measurements, you can begin shopping for designer kitchen cabinets at the Cabinet Factory Outlet. Stop by our showroom in Swansea, MA with your measurements to review all of our kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories, as well as all of our extras, including hardware, flooring and even kitchen and bathroom countertops. Call today at 508-379-6154 or stop by our location on Grand Army of the Republic Highway.

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