What Comes First? Install Bathroom Vanities in Fall River, MA

What Comes First? Install Bathroom Vanities in Fall River, MA

install-vanityOne of the most popular rooms of the house to remodel, second only to the kitchen, is the bathroom. If you are looking to sell your home or just need an upgrade to improve the look, feel or function of your bathroom, you can’t go wrong by installing all wood construction cabinets. Not only do these beautiful solid maple bathroom vanities look great, but they also provide many years of quality performance and function.

It is easy to spot quality bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA – especially for a prospective home buyer who has seen a lot of local bathrooms lately on tours. Whether you are selling now or just investing in the value of your home for the future, it pays to choose good quality materials for your bathroom remodeling project.

Visiting the Cabinet Outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts
Unlike the kitchen, which requires a whole room full of cupboards and cabinets, the bathroom typically just needs a single vanity to complete the job. As a result, you can afford to invest more into the quality of the all wood construction cabinets you choose for this project, picking colors, custom features and unique extras that you might not have been able to afford for a kitchen project. Stop by Cabinet Factory Outlet, the premier cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts, and take a look at all of the bathroom vanities, hardware and custom pieces available to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

Installing Your New Bathroom Vanity
When it comes time to install your brand new bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA or anywhere else in the South Coast area, it is important to know how things should be installed. If you are replacing your flooring as well, should you install the new tiles first or put in the brand new solid maple bathroom vanities first? Because the bathroom gets so much water damage over the years, experts say that it is best to pull out all of the flooring first before you install the vanity. This will prevent installation issues that can come if the under-flooring and overlay flooring are off-size due to warping and swelling underneath.

For new bathrooms, construction usually starts with the installation of the plywood sub-floor and is then followed with an overlay of particleboard. Then tile or vinyl is installed on top of the base. This should be done before the vanity, toilet, shower and other elements are installed. So for remodeling projects, the same order of removal and installation should be kept intact, to ensure that nothing gets installed improperly. If there is damage in the particleboard overlay, it can be removed and the vanity and toilet can be reinstalled on top of the plywood sub-floor. However, a new overlay can also be installed to ensure consistency and added protection throughout the room.

Removing the Old Vanity
One of the more challenging aspects of doing a bathroom remodel is removing the old bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA or wherever you are doing your project. Make sure to start by turning off the water at the wall and unhook all of the plumbing. To remove the vanity from the backsplash or edging on the wall, use a putty knife to pull apart the caulking. Now you can open up the cabinet and look for the screws that secure the vanity to the wall. They should be along a three-and-a-half inch rail at the back of the cabinet on the top. In most cases, there are only two or three screws that you have to worry about and remove. They go in pretty far into the wall studs, so use a drill or electric screw driver to remove them to avoid spending a lot of time in this area.

You may have to repeat this procedure if the vanity touches a side wall. Remove the baseboard at the bottom of the vanity to gain access to the screws that are angled through the cabinet and into the floor. In most cases there are only two with one located at each corner, but in some situations there may be an extra screw in the center and another one at the bottom. You will need to remove these in order to completely remove the cabinet from your bathroom. Once all of the screws have been removed, you should be able to pull the old vanity away from the floor and the wall.

Installing All Wood Construction Cabinets
Now that the old vanity has been removed you can install the new flooring, as needed, and prepare the area for the new solid maple bathroom vanities that you purchased from the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts. The vanity should be installed at the very last after everything else in your bathroom has been installed. Place it on top of the new floor and screw it into the floor first, the back wall second and the side wall, if applicable, third.

Unless you selected bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA that were exactly like your old one, chances are it is not going to fit back in the same way with the existing backsplash. This is a great time install a new one. You can also hire a professional installer to put your new vanity in and provide you with a new backsplash in the style and color you desire. Come see all of our bathroom vanity, hardware and cabinet options at the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA. You can call our showroom at 508-379-6154 or stop by our location on Grand Army of the Republic Highway. Check our website for hours of operation.

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