10 Tips for a Budget Bathroom Remodel in Southeastern Mass

10 Tips for a Budget Bathroom Remodel in Southeastern Mass

budget-bathroom-tipsWhen you watch those home improvement programs on television where they go from a plain, contractor standard bathroom to a gorgeous, spa-like experience, it is important to understand that these people are investing $25,000 or more into materials and labor. Because you will likely be hiring a contractor to take care of essentials, such as electrical, plumbing and other high skill installations, your cost could be $40,000 or more quite easily for the same bathroom project. While these programs are great for collecting ideas, it is still important to be realistic – especially if you are on a budget. This article will provide you with ten tips that your can use today to help achieve your goals for a bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Tip #1 – Invest in a Quality Vanity
When it comes to choosing the cabinets, cupboards and vanities for your new bathroom, choose a quality piece that will make a statement. Well built cherry stained solid maple bathroom vanities are a good investment that will pay off in a big way and set the tone for the rest of your bathroom makeover.

Tip #2 – Select Unique Hardware
You can really customize the look and feel of your new bathroom by choosing unique options in hardware for cabinets and drawers. Cabinet Factory Outlet also carries a wide selection of hardware for your bathroom remodeling project. Door pulls, door knobs, cabinet door handles and even matching hinges can all completely upgrade the look of the solid maple bathroom vanities you choose.

Tip #3 – Upgrade the Countertops
Another great way to really maximize the potential of the dollars you invest in your bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts is to go with the higher end countertops. Cabinet Factory Outlet can help you choose from a wide variety of materials at surprisingly affordable prices, including the popular granite countertops that most homeowners and potential home purchasers look for in a residential bathroom.

Tip #4 – Don’t Forget the Backsplash
Make sure to remember to choose a backsplash for your new bathroom that complements the new vanity and flooring that you have selected. Select colors, materials and styles that work together – even if they don’t match exactly. This can be a great way to get some more color into your bathroom design without getting too outrageous.

Tip #5 – Upgrade the Mirror
Many older homes come with a large mirror that fills the entire wall behind the vanity. Removing that large piece of mirror can really update the look of your bathroom to make it look more modern, and replace it with a framed mirror. Choose a tile, wood or other material that will complement the rest of your design. If you choose cherry stained solid maple for the vanity, consider adding a matching cherry stained solid maple framed mirror.

Tip #6 – Change the Lighting
Small changes to the lighting in your bathroom can really make a difference. Most stock lighting in a bathroom is flush up against the wall and on top of the mirror that is over the bathroom vanity. Replace it with lighting that sets away from the wall to give a better angle of light. Also consider adding side lighting to the mirror, such as scones, which can provide better lighting for putting on makeup or shaving, than any overhead light.

Tip #7 – Upgrade the Curtain Rod
If your bathroom has a shower curtain, as many of them do, consider replacing the standard curtain rod with a curved shower curtain rod instead. Not only will this add a whole new look to the bathroom with the modern, curved line, but it will also give you more space in the shower without having to replace the entire shower area.

Tip #8 – Add Crown Molding
Any room can be improved just by adding a bit of crown molding. You can do an entire bathroom for $50-200 in total, depending on the size of the bathroom. Instead of using wood materials, many homeowners choose to use polyurethane molding instead because it is lightweight and won’t be affected by the humidity of the bathroom. It is also cheaper than wood molding of the same length. Consider sealing the back of the molding to help reduce the potential for moisture build-up and warping over time.

Tip #9 – Change Out the Faucets
A small investment in brand new faucets to install on the sink in your new solid maple bathroom vanities can also make a big statement. Choose from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, brushed aluminum, nickel and just about any style, color and type of faucets you could desire. Consider matching the material to the hardware for cabinets and drawers that you have chosen for your bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Tip #10 – Choose Paint Wisely
You may already have an idea of the colors that you want to use for your bathroom project, but make sure to pick the color of paint you will use wisely. White ceilings help to make the room look larger and paints that come in an eggshell or satin finish are easy to clean, plus they hide all sorts of imperfections. Darker colors can be an issue for bathrooms that have moisture problems, as they can show a water line if the condensation drips down the wall regularly. Make sure to get paint samples to test paint before you just jump in with a drastic change for your walls.

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