How to Identify Quality All Wood Construction Cabinets in MA

How to Identify Quality All Wood Construction Cabinets in MA

quality-all-wood-constructionWhen shopping for South Coast kitchen cabinets to remodel or upgrade your home, it pays to know what you are looking at when you begin looking at the various options. The furthest most people go when learning how to identify the type of cabinets they want is to learn the different styles, such as shaker style kitchen cupboards. While the design of the cabinets is important to the overall look and feel of your remodeling project, the truth is that it’s just as our mothers always taught us – it’s what’s inside that really counts.

There are a lot of cheap materials used to create some pretty nice looking cupboards and cabinets on the market these days. What people have learned to do with these inferior products is sort of remarkable. However, if you are investing in quality design and materials for your home because you want a great looking kitchen that will be able to stand up to daily use by your family and last throughout the years, you’ll want to move toward all wood construction cabinets when you decide to install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts.

The Amazing Strength of Maple
One of the most popular woods used in North American cabinet making is maple. You can find maple trees all across the east coast, ranging from the tip top of New England all the way down to the tropical regions of Florida. Most people know maple trees from other types of trees, whether they realize it or not. Synonymous with the fall season, their three pointed leaves are used to represent Canada, maple syrup and are the most commonly drawn leaves when representing autumn.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that maple trees are known for something else: their very strong, durable and beautiful looking wood. The combination if strength and beauty make maple a top choice for all wood construction cabinets made in a number of popular styles, including classic and shaker style kitchen cupboards. This wood easily and evenly takes on many different types of stains, allowing a beautiful finish in just about any color the customer could desire. When quality materials are used, the finish of these gorgeous South Coast kitchen cabinets can last for many years.

Compare Maple to Other Woods
When you look at maple cabinets and cupboards for your kitchen remodeling project, and compare them side by side with other woods, you will really notice the difference. Other top woods used for Southeastern Massachusetts kitchen cabinets include oak, pine and birch. Compared to these woods, nothing can match the strength, versatility and popularity of maple. In fact, maple is one of the hardest woods used in North America today for cabinet making, so it can stand up to daily use by your entire family and can even resist dents and dings.

The only drawback to using maple all wood construction cabinets is when the homeowner does not take care of the wood. Maple can lose its luster if exposed to direct sunlight over many years, but if properly treated with wood oil and cleaned regularly, a quality finish on these popular South Coast kitchen cabinets can last a long time.

Compared to other materials, maple cabinets can also cost a little more than other types of cabinets. This is why many homeowners say that they are investing in their homes when they choose to remodel their kitchens and install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts that are made from maple. You are investing in a long-lasting and very durable hardwood, compared to softer woods, fiberboard or laminate woods that will require resurfacing, repainting, re-staining or replacing in a fraction of the time.

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