Plan a Budget Bathroom Remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts

Plan a Budget Bathroom Remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts

budget-bathroom-remodelOne of the biggest misconceptions about doing a bathroom remodel is that you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars. Sure, if you are completely gutting your bathroom or building on a brand new bathroom from scratch, it will cost a large investment. But the truth is, if you just want to do a simple makeover or upgrade on an existing bathroom, you can do it on a budget. You can save even more if you come to the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts for all of your bathroom vanities and cabinets.

Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA carries a wide range of beautiful all wood construction cabinets for bathrooms and kitchens. Choose from well designed solid maple bathroom vanities in popular colors, styles and trends to create a gorgeous bathroom in time for the holidays or to upgrade your home prior to putting it on the market. Whatever your goals or reasons for doing the remodel, it is important to start the project by sitting down and creating a budget.

How Much Do You Have to Spend?
Sit down and make two lists for your bathroom makeover. The first list should be the items that you “have” to have in order to create a quality upgrade of bathroom vanities and cabinets. The second list should be the “nice” to have items that you want, but don’t necessarily have to have at this stage of the game. These items can include new flooring, light fixtures, bathtub and shower surrounds. While flooring and fixtures can be added later, things like bathtubs and shower surrounds can get quite pricey. These are usually the things that drive up the cost for an expensive bathroom makeover.

Create a realistic budget for your bathroom makeover. Think about how much you will need to spend to replace your stock vanity with beautiful all wood construction cabinets at a place like the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts. If a new sink, counter and toilet are all in the budget, include those in your list as well. Will you be doing the work or hiring a contractor to do some of the heavier installations? Make sure to get quotes from three contractors and choose the best installer based on reputation, references and price. Don’t ever choose a contractor solely based on price.

Improvements That Add Value
When you start shopping around for materials, such as solid maple bathroom vanities and beautiful hardware, think about what you want to accomplish with this makeover. Do you want to invest in your future at this home by creating a beautiful living space that you can enjoy over the next five, ten or more years? Do you want to make upgrades that will add real estate value to your home so you can sell it at a profit?

It is all a question of choosing your bathroom vanities and cabinets, flooring, countertops and hardware from the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts based on comfort or financial gain. Depending on your unique situation, that should always be your guide. While you can have both, it is important to think about what matters most when it comes time to make a decision.

Paying for a Bathroom Remodel
This is a very important part of the planning process for a budget bathroom remodel. Homeowners who have cash in hand to pay for materials and labor to achieve their goals for new bathroom vanities and cabinets will come out ahead of those who use a credit card, take out a loan or use some other form of payment. Paying cash outright helps to save fees, interest and other costs associated with taking out loans or using credit. It will help you to stay on point with your budget and add instant value to any project that you decide to do.

When you go to a place like the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA, you gain the opportunity to be able to purchase top quality, all wood construction cabinets at a fraction o the cost compared to big box stores and home improvement centers. We work direct with homeowners, as well as with contractors, to help pass on the savings to you. Choose from solid maple bathroom vanities and other trendy options or classic and traditional styles for bathroom vanities and cabinets.

Visit Cabinet Factory Outlet
Before you sit down and start making a budget or think that you will never be able to afford the bathroom of your dreams, come to our cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts to take a look at our materials and supplies. Everything you need to create a beautiful bathroom can be found at our location on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea. Cabinet hardware, such as door knobs and drawer pulls, beautiful flooring and countertop options, plus our wide selection of all wood construction cabinets, is in our local store. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 to learn more about our solid maple bathroom vanities or to check our store hours.

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