Top Five Trends for New Bathroom Vanities in Fall River, MA

Top Five Trends for New Bathroom Vanities in Fall River, MA

bathroom-vanity-trendsIf you have been paying attention to the remodeling industry in recent years, you have probably noticed that much has changed in the way of design and trends. Top quality bathroom cabinets are now opening up, giving homeowners a whole new approach to bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA and the surrounding area. A wide range of colors and finishes are available as well, including painted styles and cherry stained solid maple, just to mention a few. Metallic styles are really in, making cabinet knobs, lighting and fixtures a lot more fun to shop for these days. If you are in the market to do a bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts – or even just a small upgrade – you are in for a wonderful surprise!

Simplicity is Hot
One of the most popular trends in bathroom cabinets and vanities right now is a simple look and feel. Many homeowners are now moving toward a trend of cleaner lines and more contemporary styles. While rustic looks and country charm were all the rage just last year, this year’s trend is moving to something more minimalist and modern. Cabinet Factory Outlet has a few styles that fit this movement. Choose from the Sturbridge or Salem styles, as well as the cherry stained solid maple of the Bristol Craftsman series for beautiful, clean lines that will match this latest trend.

Tubs or Showers?
It seems that the remodeling industry just can’t decide what to do about tubs and showers. Just a few years ago we were told that soaking tubs and whirlpools were out, while rain showers and multi-shower experiences were in. Now, many who monitor the latest trends in homeowner bathroom remodels in Southeastern Massachusetts say that the trend has flipped, with more people asking about beautiful soaking tubs and less people going for rain shower heads. Whatever trend you choose to embrace, you can match it and compliment it with the beautiful top quality bathroom cabinets at Cabinet Factory Outlet.

Under-Mounted Sinks
Another hot trend that has sort of fallen by the wayside is the style of putting bowl type sinks on top of cabinets. Under-mounted sinks are really in right now for both the bathroom and the kitchen. While the farmhouse style is huge for kitchen remodels, just a basic under-mounted sink in beautiful bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA and the surrounding area is a really big deal. The smooth, clean look and feel of an under-mounted sink on top of a beautiful counter top material is a classic that will never go out of style. Choose from several top quality bathroom cabinets and vanities that will help you to achieve this look.

Off White Vanities and Cabinets
In addition to the darker colors of brown and cherry stained solid maple, many homeowners are choosing to go the opposite way with beautiful off white vanities for their bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts. Lighter colors have a way of making a small room look larger, and the clean shades of off white and cream just make any bathroom color scheme pop in the background without being too over-stated. Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea has a series of top quality bathroom cabinets that really fit this bill. Make sure to ask about our Wheaton and Trenton series for some really beautiful designs that feature off white vanities and cabinets.

Quartz Counter Tops
While granite counter tops have been all the rage in recent years because they pair well with a wide range of colors in bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA and the South Coast area, they are now being out-sold by quartz. Granite is still a popular choice, but quartz has really become a big seller for bathroom remodels in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Cabinet Factory Outlet sells quartz counter tops, in addition to granite, laminate and other affordable selections, so you can mix and match materials to create a beautiful combination with any of our top quality bathroom cabinets at our Swansea store.

Come to Cabinet Factory Outlet for All the Latest Trends
If you are thinking about remodeling or upgrading your bathroom, stop by Cabinet Factory Outlet on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, MA to take a look at all of our bathroom vanities, counter tops, flooring, hardware and other materials that can be used to create the bathroom of your dreams. Top quality cabinets in the latest shades of off white and cherry stained solid maple, as well as modern, traditional and classic styles, can all be purchased at affordable prices at our local outlet store. Call today at 508-379-6154 for our store hours or to find out more about our materials.

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