7 Tips for Bathroom Remodels in Southeastern Massachusetts

7 Tips for Bathroom Remodels in Southeastern Massachusetts

bathroom-remodel-tipsNext to remodeling the kitchen, bathroom remodels are the most popular home improvement project done in America today. For homeowners in the South Coast region, your biggest advantage is in having your choice of gorgeous solid maple bathroom vanities at Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA. If you are doing a bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts, you won’t want to miss the beautiful options available on our showroom floor. Choose from a wide variety of all wood construction bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards for your entire home. Coordinate your brand new cabinets with some gorgeous kitchen and bathroom countertops to complete the look. In addition to shopping at the Cabinet Factory Outlet, here are seven other tips for bathroom remodels that can help you to create a great looking space.

Tip #1 – Gather All of Your Materials
Before you start to install your brand new solid maple bathroom vanities or kitchen and bathroom countertops, make sure you have everything you need on hand. There’s nothing quite like diving into a project only to realize that you don’t have one of the most important elements on hand. Special order items, tools adhesives and other essential elements should all be readily available, even if you are starting your project in a different area. You never know when you might need these things for something else or that your plan changes as to what needs to be installed first for everything to come together properly. There’s no use in installing something if it will have to be removed again right away once the new parts or materials come in, so it’s better to have it all together before you start your bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Tip #2 – Create a Timeline
Make sure you know what needs to be installed when in order to meet your goals. If you want a brand new bathroom to be completed in time for a special occasion or holiday, make sure to take that into consideration when ordering materials. Purchasing your kitchen and bathroom countertops at Cabinet Factory Outlet can save you time and money versus ordering them online and having to wait for them to be delivered. Check to ensure that the solid maple bathroom vanities you have chosen for your bathroom will be available in time to be installed.

Tip #3 – Add Shower Storage
Where are you going to put your shampoo, soap, body wash, razor and other grooming items inside of your shower? There’s no use in doing a bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts if you are just going to stick your shampoo on a tacky plastic shelf that hangs from the shower head. When you design your new shower, consider having storage shelves built right into the tile. Ask your contractor about in-the-wall shelving, which can be placed between studs in the walls without sticking out into the shower and reducing space. Another solution is to install ceramic tile shelving into the corner of your shower.

Tip #4 – Unique Tiles
Consider adding accent tiles in the colors and styles that you want instead of doing the entire bathroom with an expensive material. Glass and mosaic tiles can be quite costly, but using them as a trim around your already existing tile or mixed in with new tile can create a unique and eye-catching look. Choose colors and designs that will bring the look and feel of your bathroom remodel together without being too bold or overstating it.

Tip #5 – Lighting Options
Another way to make your bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts really stand out is to look at some unique lighting options. Coordinate your new lighting fixtures to match or compliment your new hardware and sink fixtures. Choose light fixtures that will provide you with the light you need in the areas where you need it most. Consider recessed lighting in the shower area and other lights for the vanity space. Make sure that the lights you choose are properly rated for use in the bathroom to avoid any issues.

Tip #6 – Hire a Professional
If you aren’t sure about anything during the course of your remodeling project – call a pro. If you get in over your head, don’t just plow through and try to install the solid maple bathroom vanities or kitchen and bathroom countertops yourself without help. There is no shame in hiring a professional – especially for things like plumbing and electrical work. When in doubt always call in an expert who can help you achieve your goals without making a mess.

Tip #7 – Get Something Special
So you behaved yourself when shopping for bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards at the Cabinet Factory Outlet and saved a lot of money on your materials. Make sure to choose something special for yourself that will really help to make that new bathroom yours. Select a single high-end fixture, a special sink, creative storage spaces, heated flooring or extra racks for towels. There are lots of great options to choose from that can help you create your own special space in the new bathroom.

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