Popular Design Ideas for Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets in MA

Popular Design Ideas for Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets in MA

popular-design-ideasIf you have started shopping around for bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA or the surrounding area, you have likely been stunned by the sheer volume of styles and designs that are available to choose from for your bathroom remodeling project. Not only are there now more colors to choose from than ever before, but you can even get top quality bathroom cabinets at a fraction of the cost from big box stores that will last you for many years. Choose from cherry stained solid maple to lighter colors that brighten and open up smaller spaces. Whatever your goals and however large or small your budget, Cabinet Factory Outlet has the bathroom vanities and cabinets that will help you to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Idea #1 – Formal
Depending on the style of your home, perhaps a formal style bathroom design might be fitting. A beautiful balance of bathroom vanities and cabinets, sinks, mirrors, storage and shower or bath areas can be situated to create a very elegant look and feel. Classic all wood materials and beautifully chosen hardware can really enhance the top quality bathroom cabinets and countertops that you choose at Cabinet Factory Outlet.

Idea #2 – Minimalist
While some designers might tell you that this style is “out,” it is still very popular throughout Europe and it is seen frequently in classic American design. Simplicity is key with this style, so choose bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA that don’t have any embellishments. Many minimalist designers also choose to eliminate visible hardware, such as door knobs and drawer pulls. Hinges are hidden inside cabinets as well to create a very clean look and feel. Light colors or stark white are often the best choices for a true minimalist design.

Idea #3 – Quirky
A mix-and-match approach to bathroom vanities and cabinets can be seen in this type of design. While it may look random and thrown together, the pieces that are used in this type of style are very intentional. Warm browns or even a cherry stained solid maple vanity combined with light colored or medium brown shades for storage cabinets and other wooden elements. Choose sinks and faucets and lighting and hardware that lend themselves to the creative look and feel of this type of design. You can find a lot of choices at Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA.

Idea #4 – Contrast
When it comes to decorating a small bathroom, most designers go right for the lighter colors, as they work a majority of the time to make the room appear larger. However, many designers are now dabbling in high contrast options, which couple neutral, light colors with dark bathroom vanities and cabinets that really “pop” and create a warmer feeling. White marble countertops accentuate the darker brown, espresso or cherry stained solid maple vanities for beautiful results.

Idea #5 – Contemporary
Many of the contemporary or modern looks that we see today are warmer and more inviting than the designs that were out just a few years ago. Choose from a wide variety of top quality bathroom cabinets to find the modern look that you desire and couple those designs with beautiful backsplashes, countertops, flooring and lighting to create a smooth and welcoming look and feel that will make a definite impression.

Idea #6 – Country
Choose from a large selection of all wood cabinets and vanities at Cabinet Factory Outlet that you can use to add a little country charm to your home. Traditional country styles, such as shaker cabinets and beautiful hardware pulls or knobs, can really pull the look together. Mixing in recycled and reused elements can also help you to create some really unique results that will be authentically yours.

Idea #7 – Open Storage
Another popular trend in both kitchen and bathroom cabinets is open storage. Consider combining open storage for the things you use the most and closed storage for the things you want to store out of sight, such as cleaning supplies and all those extra bars of soap you stocked up on at the warehouse store. This type of mixed storage can really break up the monotony of typical bathroom vanities and cabinets to create a dynamic looking style.

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