Top Reasons to Choose Solid Maple Kitchen Cabinets in Swansea

Top Reasons to Choose Solid Maple Kitchen Cabinets in Swansea

kitchen-cabinets-swanseaShopping for new kitchen cabinets and cupboards can be both exciting and frustrating. There are so many different types of materials, colors, styles and designs to choose from that it can be overwhelming. Taking time to do some research before you visit a showroom for your kitchen remodel in Swansea, MA can help. Knowing which materials will go better with the style of your home, what color will best accent your new kitchen flooring and what type of designer kitchen cabinets will give you the look you want and the longevity to increase the return on your investment, will make it all a lot easier.

The most common type of material that is used for kitchen cabinets and cupboards is wood. It makes a great material for making beautiful cabinets for all types of kitchens, from a basic stock kitchen to an elegant high-end design. There are many advantages to choosing wood as the material for your cabinets over other types of designs. Other options can include laminate and other types of synthetic materials. Unfortunately, they cannot even compare with the benefits that come from choosing solid maple kitchen cupboards from the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Why Wood is Best
While there are many reasons why wood is the best material to choose for your kitchen remodel in Swansea, MA, there are four primary reasons that should get your attention and make you realize that no other option even compares.

  • Aesthetics – The look of solid maple kitchen cupboards and other types of wood designer kitchen cabinets is classic. Regardless of the style of design, when wood is used the remodeling project instantly becomes timeless and beautiful. No matter what changes in the world of design, nothing can compare to real wood cabinetry.
  • Custom Design – Of all the materials used for kitchen cabinets, wood is by far the most flexible in its design. Wood can be any color, style or shape. They can be customized easily with drawer pulls, door knobs and specialty kitchen cabinets to meet the needs of each individual homeowner.
  • Many Choices – Wood comes in a variety of natural colors, textures and appearances. Wood can be stained or painted to match the design needs of the homeowner. It can also be designed in a wide range of styles, including traditional and contemporary options. Different types of wood are more durable and long-lasting than others, making some varieties more affordable than others due to their properties.
  • Durable – While some woods are more durable than others, overall wood is much more durable than other materials, lasting years longer than many synthetic options and looking better as well. If you want to get a good return on your investment, you can’t go wrong investing in solid maple kitchen cupboards and cabinets at the Swansea cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Common Types of Wood
When it comes to creating designer kitchen cabinets, there are five different types of wood that are used most often. Some are chosen due to their color options, while others are chosen due to their strength and natural grain. When you visit the showroom to choose the type of materials you want for your kitchen remodel in Swansea, MA, make sure to select based on the goals that you have for the look and function of your new kitchen.

  • Maple – By far the most common of all designer kitchen cabinets. Solid maple kitchen cupboards are grainy and light in color with a very consistent appearance, making them an excellent choice for staining or painting.
  • Cherry – It is important to understand that the color of cherry wood will lighten over time, particularly if it is exposed to direct sunlight. Some cherry wood has rustic knots, while other designer kitchen cabinets in this style do not. Cherry is a very durable, long-lasting wood.
  • Oak – Natural knots and streaking can be found in this wood that has a much more defined gain than you see in solid maple kitchen cupboards. The wood ranges from light to medium and it looks great with a simple polished finish.
  • Pine – One of the softest woods used for kitchen cabinets, pine will get more dents and scratches than other hardwoods. Natural knots make this a great choice for kitchens that are traditional or country in style to complement the rustic decor.

Shop Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA
If you are planning to do a remodel on your kitchen, come see the showroom of designer kitchen cabinets and cupboards at the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts. We have a wide range of options for your kitchen remodel in Swansea, MA including solid maple kitchen cupboards that come in a variety of colors, including cherry, brown, espresso, white and blonde. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 or stop by our showroom on Grand Army of the Republic Highway to take a look at all of the designs and styles available.

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