Bathroom Vanities Design Options for New Bedford Homeowners

Bathroom Vanities Design Options for New Bedford Homeowners

Jack and Jill Bathroom Design in New BedfordBelieve it or not, there are lots of different types of top quality bathroom cabinets and vanities to choose from for your bathroom remodeling project. There are no rules for the type of vanity that you have to choose for your bathroom. Unfortunately, it is usually the size of the room itself that tends to dictate the type of solid maple bathroom vanities that you will have to choose from in the end. However, beyond the basic size of these New Bedford bathroom vanities, you can also make selections with regard to the style or design of the vanity, as well as the color , and have your choice of various kitchen and bathroom countertops that can be used to surround the sink.

Four Distinct Types of Bathrooms
The first thing you need to do is to identify the type of bathroom that you will be remodeling. There are four distinct types of bathrooms, as well as many sub-categories that you might find also relate to your project. It is important figure out what type of bathroom you are remodeling so you can choose top quality bathroom cabinets, vanities, flooring and other materials that will match the style. Many of the options that relate to each type also have much to do with the function of that particular bathroom, providing options that will make it more useful to its designated purpose.

  • The Powder Room – This will typically be the smallest bathroom in any home. Only two fixtures can be found in a basic powder room, including solid maple bathroom vanities with a sink and a toilet. This type of bathroom does not usually have a shower or a bath. It is often referred to as a “half bath” by real estate agents, due to its lack of bathing fixtures. Because bathing does not happen in this room, you won’t need a lot of cabinets or storage for shampoo, soap, large towels and other toiletries. Basic New Bedford bathroom vanities will work very well in this type of room.
  • The Guest Bathroom – While it is called the guest bathroom because it is likely the one that you will offer to guests who visit your home, this bathroom can be the busiest room in the house – especially if you have children. Make sure that there is ample storage space in your top quality bathroom cabinets and solid maple bathroom vanities to accommodate a wide variety of toiletry items, shampoos, soaps and cleaning products. Under the sink storage, as well as specialty cabinets, should be employed wherever possible. Ample kitchen and bathroom countertops should be made available to provide space for everyday use. With any luck you will have a linen closet across the hall for towel storage and extra storage for bathroom products for the whole family.
  • The Children’s Bathroom – Some homes have an extra bathroom in the bedroom area for the children to use. In some cases a “Jack & Jill” type bathroom that is situated between two adjoining bedrooms is available. Once again, as with the guest bathroom situation, it is important for you to choose New Bedford bathroom vanities with a lot of space for storage and ample kitchen and bathroom countertops for daily use. A double sink vanity would be ideal, especially if you have more than one child, but a single sink will do as long as there is enough space for everyone.
  • The Master Bathroom – Of all the bathrooms in the home, this is likely to be the most luxurious. A sunken or whirlpool tub, large showers, extra vanity space for daily grooming and makeup, double sinks and lots of storage, are all basic requirements for a good master bathroom. Choose solid maple bathroom vanities that have all of the drawers, cabinets and storage you desire. Customize the results with a variety of hardware choices for knobs, handles and pulls that will increase function and flair. Top quality bathroom cabinets can be chosen to match the decor of the master bedroom or they can be completely different. There are a lot of choices with regard to materials for this type of bathroom remodeling project.

Other Materials
When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, New Bedford homeowners should look for other materials that will match or coordinate with their brand new solid maple bathroom vanities and top quality bathroom cabinets. Cabinet Factory Outlet, which is located in Swansea, Massachusetts, carries a wide variety of other materials and accessories in our South Coast showroom. Choose from flooring, back splashes, hardware, kitchen and bathroom countertops, specialty cabinets and features, as well as a variety of other designer materials that you can use to customize your remodel.

Visit our showroom, located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway, or give us a call at 508-379-6154 to take a look at all of the top quality all wood construction vanities, cabinets, countertops and other materials available at Cabinet Factory Outlet. Ask about our warehouse clearance and closeout specials, as well as other great opportunities for homeowners and contractors alike.

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