Trouble Selling Your New Bedford Home? Remodel the Bathroom!

Trouble Selling Your New Bedford Home? Remodel the Bathroom!

Beautiful Bathroom RemodelDo you know what the three most important rooms in your home are? Studies show that prospective home buyers are most interested in seeing the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms – exactly in that order. So even if you have a beautifully remodeled kitchen with all wood construction cabinets and brand new appliances, you might have difficulty selling your home if your bathrooms are out of date. In some cases and old bathroom can be a selling point, but unless you have a hundred year-old home and your bathroom features vintage fixtures, you should probably consider at least getting new bathroom vanities and cabinets.

Not All Bathrooms Are Created Equal
The first thing that you need to understand, is that not all bathrooms are created equal. Some remodeling projects will help you to sell your home and can even add value to the price that you will be able to get when your home does sell. However, other remodeling projects will not be as well-received and might even make it harder to sell your home. So how do you know what type of bathroom remodel in New Bedford will be best for your home?

Careful planning should go into any remodeling project, but especially if you are remodeling to increase your home value or make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. For best results, speak with your real estate agent to find out what type of remodel is best for you. The point is not to do anything too drastic or too custom that might make your home even more difficult to sell. Think neutral and classic when it comes to choosing new vanities and fixtures.

How Much ROI? – The term ROI stands for “return on investment,” which is used to measure just how much increased home value you will actually get from your investment in a bathroom remodel in New Bedford or the surrounding area. Studies show that the average bathroom remodel averaged just over 70 percent ROI. What that means is that for every $1,000 you spend on your bathroom remodel, you would get about $700 increased home value. In addition, a well-designed and executed remodel that includes new bathroom vanities and cabinets can help your home to sell much faster than an old, out-dated bathroom design.

To Remodel or NOT to Remodel?
When in doubt, speak with your real estate agent. While you don’t necessarily have to do a complete bathroom remodel, sometimes all it takes is some brand new all wood construction cabinets, new vanity and hardware for cabinets and drawers to bring your bathroom up-to-date. In other cases, you might need new flooring, a brand new paint job and maybe some new fixtures. It will all depend on the age of your home, the age of the bathroom itself and the amount of money that you have to spend on a bathroom remodel in New Bedford.

You might not need to replace all of your fixtures, but could benefit from fresh bathroom vanities and cabinets to modernize the space. Before you jump into any remodeling project, make sure to keep in mind that any type of renovation can be a huge undertaking. If your home is already on the market or if you will be listing it soon, make sure you can get the new all wood construction cabinets and other materials installed quickly to avoid any conflict with showing your home to prospective buyers.

Why Upgrade? – Your brand new amenities can help to attract attention to your listing, especially if there are other similar homes in your neighborhood up for sale. Home buyers would rather have a home that doesn’t require a lot of extra work on their part versus a home that is in need of a makeover or upgrade. Even minor renovations, such as new flooring or counters can make a difference, especially if your current materials are old or damaged. Even if the home buyers want to do an upgrade in the future, just knowing that they don’t have to make repairs or replacements right away can be a huge incentive.

Visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet
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