Design a Hotel-Style Bathroom for Your New Somerset Addition

Design a Hotel-Style Bathroom for Your New Somerset Addition

Hotel Style BathroomHave you ever stayed at a hotel that had such an amazing bathroom that you wished you could just stay and live there forever? Apparently you aren’t alone, because there are many homeowners who are now designing their bathrooms using top quality bathroom cabinets and high-end kitchen and bathroom countertops to complete the look. The style features the clean, minimalist color scheme of white-on-white, white-on-black or black-on-white, to create neutral spaces that are luxurious and soothing at the same time.

You can get this type of high-end style in our all wood construction cabinets and vanities for your Somerset, MA new construction, home addition or remodeling project. Choose from a wide range of bathroom vanities and cabinets to complement your design with all of the functions and luxury options that you can find at the finest hotel. Once you have all of the fixtures, furniture and materials in place, it is easy to then accessorize with five-star quality towels, flowers and toiletries to really bring the experience home.

Include Custom, Luxury Options
In addition to choosing top quality bathroom cabinets, it is also important to add little extras throughout the space that will really tie it all together. Patterned tile flooring, marble or granite countertops, custom finishes for bathroom fixtures and lighting – these materials all add a timeless look and feel that will help keep your new bathroom looking and performing its best for many years to come. Fabric window treatments or beautiful wooden blinds can be used to accent glass shower walls and artfully arranged options for toiletries can help make your bathroom a welcome haven and a pleasure to use.

Find new ways to provide luxury options while also working to eliminate countertop clutter. Beautiful trays and boxes accented in silver or gold can provide an extravagant finishing touch to the color scheme and design of this space. Coordinate with custom hardware for bathroom vanities and cabinets that accentuate the all wood construction cabinets and features without detracting from the minimalist design. This is when choosing top quality bathroom cabinets and using beautifully designed kitchen and bathroom countertops really comes into play. You don’t need a lot of decorative items when the cabinets speak for themselves.

Some of the other high-end options that you can include are:

  • rain shower style shower heads
  • multiple wall shower heads
  • custom temperature settings for showers
  • heated flooring and towel bars
  • task lighting and dimmer lights
  • extra storage in bathroom vanities and cabinets
  • shower areas instead of traditional showers
  • whirlpool or sunken tubs

Choose Quality Materials
The most important thing that you can do to create a hotel-style bathroom is to choose top quality bathroom cabinets, vanities and use high-end kitchen and bathroom countertops. All wood construction cabinets make a statement all on their own. When you compare them to the look, style and feel of stock cabinets that you can find at your local home improvement center, there is no comparison. Bathroom vanities and cabinets of all styles, designs, colors and types are available at the cabinet factory that can be used for your remodeling project in Somerset, MA or anywhere in the Southern New England region.

Choose fixtures that complement the design and type of all wood construction cabinets that you choose for your new bathroom. While you can mix metals and finishes, such as nickel and aluminum or gold and bronze, it pays to really think about your choices before making a purchase to ensure that everything coordinates together beautifully. Consider the colors and accents found in your kitchen and bathroom countertops for vanity areas, sink spaces and other storage areas within your bathroom. You want to make sure that it provides accent colors and a bit of flair, without conflicting with other elements of the design.

Call or Visit Cabinet Factory Outlet
If you are planning an upgrade or remodel of your home’s bathroom, consider the wide variety of stock and options available at Cabinet Factory Outlet, located in Swansea, MA. We have the perfect line of bathroom vanities and cabinets, hardware and fixtures, as well as other quality materials, that can be used for your bathroom remodeling project. Call today at 508-379-6154 to learn more about our top quality bathroom cabinets and vanities or stop by our location on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Southeastern Massachusetts.

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