Bathroom Remodel in New Bedford: Top Inspirations for Seniors

Bathroom Remodel in New Bedford: Top Inspirations for Seniors

Senior Bathroom Remodel for SafetyPlanning your retirement is more than just putting away money to help you live life to its fullest in your golden years. It’s also about getting prepared for changes in your lifestyle due to decreased mobility. No one wants to think about having to depend on anyone else or having to move to an assisted living facility, so the best way to prevent early dependency is to prepare your home for change.

One of the biggest areas in a home that needs improvement for seniors is the bathroom. Take some time to study the options available for a bathroom remodel in New Bedford. Whenever you do a bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts, you should consider upgrading the bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards. This type of work isn’t really hard, it will just take a few days to be completed.

Why Change is Important
Studies show that more than half of the injuries that occur with seniors over the age of sixty-five, occurred at home. Out of the accidents or falls at home, a bulk of those happened in the bathroom. Sadly, as many as 20 percent of falls in the home can result in death. Seniors with reduced mobility often have to leave their homes after an accident, fall or injury, to go to a care facility that has safer bathrooms and living conditions. Why not do all you can now, through upgrades to New Bedford bathroom vanities, safety gear, and accessibility to prevent being forced from your home in the future?

One of the top issues in most basic bathrooms is the moisture that inevitably occurs after a shower, washing hands or any other “getting clean” type activity. Surfaces, such as counter tops, floors, benches, toilet seats, showers, and tubs can all be a disaster waiting to happen. There are things you can do to reduce risks and make these areas safe. The next type of incident occurs when someone has to reach too far for something or, even worse, climb up to reach something. Your bathroom remodel in New Bedford could contain storage solutions to prevent these issues from ever happening.

Home Improvements for Seniors
The best improvements that you can make to your home as you prepare for retirement or your senior years are in the bathroom. As you make plans for a bathroom remodel in New Bedford, make sure to look at the wide selection of bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards available at the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea. We can help you create a safe and effective bathroom, while saving you money on everything you need for a bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts. From New Bedford bathroom vanities to flooring, counters, accessories and more, you can find it all at Cabinet Factory Outlet.

  • EASE OF USE – One of the biggest problems with most American homes is the layout and location of bathrooms. Make sure that there is a full size bathroom on the main floor if you have a multi-story home, and that there is also a bedroom, home office or other area that could be converted into a bedroom, if you are no longer able to do stairs. Consider a bathroom remodel in New Bedford that includes increasing the size of the main floor bathroom to accommodate all of the safety and functional fixtures and vanities that you require to make the best use of the space available.
  • REDUCE SLIPPING – Work with your contractor and visit Cabinet Factory Outlet for options that you can use to prevent slipping in the bathroom. Tiles that are made with a rougher texture can prevent slipping when water splashes on the floor. You can also consult with a safety expert or get free advice from senior programs, as to which options will be the best for your unique situation.
  • SAFER BATHING – A shower and bathtub combination unit is the most difficult for seniors to use safely. Your best bet is to separate the shower and tub, providing space in the shower for seating. A shower with no “curb” that doesn’t require you to step over it to get inside is ideal, as it can also be used with a wheelchair or a walker. Grab bars, seating and other extras can be added that will help improve function even more. Look for options that really keep mobility in-mind that will help you use the shower, tub and other elements of your bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts.
  • BETTER LIGHTING – As we get older, our vision begins to fade. Increased and improved lighting can really help to make your bathroom safer. Bright lights for regular use, a separate light in the shower area, and low-level lighting for middle of the night trips are all very useful. Take into consideration how the bathroom will be used when you create a design for your bathroom remodel in New Bedford.
  • SMARTER FIXTURES – There are a lot of new options available for homeowners to consider that will provide even greater results. New Bedford bathroom vanities can feature roll-under options for wheelchairs to make access to sinks and counters even easier. Look at bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards that can add extra storage, and even consider raised toilet seats to make it easier to use. Add grab bars wherever appropriate to allow for greater independence in your new bathroom.

Visit Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea
If you are planning on doing any type of bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts, make sure to stop by and check out our full line of bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards. Whether you are doing a bathroom remodel in New Bedford or a kitchen remodel in Westport, we have all the options and fixtures you could ever need to help you achieve your goals. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 or stop by to view our showroom, which is located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, Massachusetts.

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