5 Tips for Affordable Bathroom Remodels in Southeastern Mass

5 Tips for Affordable Bathroom Remodels in Southeastern Mass

Affordable Bathroom Solutions and DesignsOne of the best rooms in the house that you can choose to remodel or upgrade is the bathroom. Whether you are working on the master bathroom or a guest bathroom, you will get an excellent return on your investment with regard to the value of your home and the function that this type of project can provide. New Bedford bathroom vanities and a variety of flooring options, kitchen and bathroom countertops are available at our cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts, making it easy and affordable to create a beautiful brand new bathroom in your home.

Whether you want solid maple bathroom vanities or need to add extra storage space, Cabinet Factory Outlet has everything you need to get the job done right. Homeowners who are trying a do-it-yourself (DIY) project for the first time and contractors alike trust the top quality materials available at our Swansea showroom. Stop by and take a look or view our collections online via our website. Our team can answer any questions you might have about our vanities, cabinets and cupboards, while also offering assistance with specialty cabinets and accessories to further customize your home.

Tip #1 – Create a Plan First
Before you do anything, make sure you have a solid plan. Don’t just “wing it” when it comes to a bathroom remodel. Before you go shopping for New Bedford bathroom vanities or decide to demolish your own kitchen and bathroom countertops, take time to create a plan that will help you to achieve your goals and stay on track with the bathroom remodeling project. Create a budget, know how much you have to spend, and be clear about your goals for your new bathroom. Think about why you want to do this in the first place and then translate all of that information into the choices you make at our cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Tip #2 – Don’t Change the Floor Plan
One of the best ways to save money on your bathroom remodel is to keep the same floor plan. Sure, you can increase the size of your solid maple bathroom vanities or choose a slightly smaller model in order to add a storage cabinet, but for the most part, keeping the same locations for sinks, toilets, showers and tubs will help to reduce costs. Whenever you move any of these fixtures, you will need to have a plumber come out to take care of it for you to ensure that everything is up to code. So if you are doing a DIY project or want to reduce costs for your contractor bill, keep your New Bedford bathroom vanities in place and focus on making changes like upgrading kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring or accessories instead.

Tip #3 – Improve the Light
Another great way to make a huge impact on your bathroom remodel without spending a lot of money is to make improvement in the lighting. Consider adding a dimmer if you have a nice whirlpool tub or if you want to use dim lighting at night to light the way to the bathroom. Think about make-up or shaving lighting at the sink and consider adding a task light for that purpose. Add sconces to the sides of the mirror or improve overhead lighting to include soffit-mounted fixtures. Remove those dated lighting fixtures that show your home’s age and out in something that will really make a positive impact on your home.

#4 – Increase Storage
One way to make an improvement that will add to the function of your bathroom space is to increase storage. Many bathrooms only have the under-the-sink storage that comes standard with their solid maple bathroom vanities, but you can also purchase coordinating cabinets and cupboards that will boost your ability to store important items. Towels, washrags, hand towels, soap, extra shampoo, toilet paper and other products can all be stored safely and properly if you think ahead when shopping at the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts. Vertical storage options are very popular in bathroom remodels, so consider a taller or larger cabinet when you shop for New Bedford bathroom vanities.

#5 – Shop Smart
When you start making plans for your bathroom remodeling project, don’t just go to the local home improvement center or pick materials out of a catalog. You will be paying full price – and sometimes more – if you just go with the first place you can find. Instead, come see the showroom for Cabinet Factory Outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts. We have a wide range of solid maple bathroom vanities, kitchen and bathroom countertops, cabinets, cupboards, accessories, and specialty items for you to choose from, but at affordable prices. Choose from a wide selection of colors, styles, designs and types to help you create the bathroom of your dreams without breaking your budget.

Come to the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA
If you are interested in learning more about all of the options available for New Bedford bathroom vanities, counters, flooring and more, stop and see our showroom located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, Massachusetts. You can also call the Cabinet Factory Outlet by dialing 508-379-6154 to speak with one of our team members. Our hours are 9am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday – make sure to ask about our current specials!

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