7 Tips for Better Bathroom Project Results in New Bedford, MA

7 Tips for Better Bathroom Project Results in New Bedford, MA

Better Bathroom Design Tips in Swansea, MANext to remodeling the kitchen, tackling the bathroom is one of the biggest and most expensive home improvement projects around. Replacing your old New Bedford bathroom vanities with top quality bathroom cabinets can make a huge impact on the look, feel and function of the space. However, before you install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts, make sure that you take time to learn all you can about how to get the best results from your bathroom remodel in New Bedford or the surrounding area.

Tip #1 – Create a Budget
Before you look at one paint swatch or shop for any other materials, make sure to sit down and make a budget. You don’t want to get halfway through your project just to find out that you don’t have enough funds to finish what you’ve started. The amount of money that you have to spend will have a lot to do with the type of materials that you choose. However, you can save a great deal compared to rates for top quality bathroom cabinets at a home improvement store versus the cost for materials that you will find at Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea.

Tip #2 – Pick a Design
What type of design do you want for your new bathroom remodel in New Bedford? Do you want to stick with the same color scheme or go for something different? You can choose from a variety of colors, including white, cherry, brown, blonde and other natural colors. You can also choose from a variety of styles, including traditional, modern and classic. You can even add extra accessories to further customize your design, such as door handles, drawer pulls, special hinges and much more. Pick a style that goes with the overall design and decoration of your home.

Tip #3 – Recycle & Reuse
When you upgrade your New Bedford bathroom vanities as part of a larger remodeling project, you don’t necessarily have to get rid of everything. You can recycle and reuse lighting fixtures, sinks, tubs, showers, glass doors and much more. Depending on the design and style, you can even reuse window treatments, such as blinds or curtains, as well as basic hardware items. Not only will this help you save money when you install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts, but it will also help you to reduce the amount of waste from your remodeling project.

Tip #4 – Don’t Change the Floorplan
One way that bathroom projects can go sideways and really run up the budget, is to change the floorplan. If you don’t move your plumbing, such as sinks, toilets, showers and tubs, you won’t have to pay a contractor to come in and run new pipes or make new connections. You may still want to hire a plumber to disconnect and reconnect everything to make sure it is in good working order, but you will reduce your budget if you keep everything in the same place and replace old cabinets with top quality bathroom cabinets of the same size.

Tip #5 – Don’t Work Beyond Your Skill Level
If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t just watch a video online and attempt to do it yourself. You don’t always have to hire a contractor. Think about friends, family members and neighbors who might be able to guide you through the process of your bathroom remodel in New Bedford or get referrals to contractors who will do a great job at a reasonable price. There are far too many homeowners who have had to take out a loan to pay for repairs due to mistakes made during DIY projects. If you don’t know how to do-it-yourself, don’t attempt to do it.

Tip #6 – Lighting is Important
Even if you decide to keep the same lighting fixtures, think about the bulbs that you are using and any additional fixtures that you might want to add. Sconce lighting is an excellent choice above New Bedford bathroom vanities and top quality bathroom cabinets. Dimmer lights are great for relaxing baths and finding your way around at night. Take a look at your current lighting setup and see if you can make improvements to it when you install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Tip #7 – Don’t Forget the Vents
Make sure that you have a quality vent fan installed in your bathroom to prevent moisture from building up, which can lead to mold and mildew. If you have an older unit, take a look at new options that are much quieter, more powerful and consume less energy.

Visit Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA
If you are planning on doing a bathroom remodel in New Bedford or the surrounding area, stop by the Cabinet Factory Outlet on Old Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea. Whether you need top quality bathroom cabinets or just want to replace your New Bedford bathroom vanities with similar materials, you can count on the wide selection and great prices available at our Southeastern Massachusetts outlet. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 or stop by to view our showroom Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm daily.

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