5 Options You Must Include in a Kitchen Remodel in Dartmouth

5 Options You Must Include in a Kitchen Remodel in Dartmouth

It can be so exciting to get out and start shopping for materials for your kitchen remodel. Kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories can all be used to truly customize your Dartmouth designer kitchen cabinets. Whether you choose a traditional style, such as shaker style kitchen cupboards, or something more modern and European influenced, it pays to really look around at your options before making a purchase. Visiting local showrooms, such as the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, can help you to really get a feel for what you will be getting for your kitchen remodel in Dartmouth, MA. While websites are a great way to see what’s available with regard to color, style, and design, it is important to see it for yourself.

Once you choose the type of cabinets and cupboards that you want to use for your remodeling project, it’s time to choose the extra options. Kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories are very popular, helping homeowners to maximize space, improve function, and create a kitchen that specifically suits their lifestyle and needs. Choose from a wide range of options for your kitchen remodel in Dartmouth, MA, whether you are going to create a brand new floor plan for your kitchen or simply replace existing cabinetry. There are many different colors and styles available to choose from that all include dovetail drawer box joins, soft close doors, plus lots of other designer quality options.

#1 – Tray Dividers
One of the most functional and popular kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories in today’s Dartmouth designer kitchen cabinets are vertical or tray dividers in the base cabinets. These dividers can be used to provide organization and extra storage for those hard-to-store items, including cutting boards, cookie sheets, muffin trays, pizza pans, and other essential kitchen tools. Different sized vertical storage can also be used to store large lids for skillets and other cooking pans, as well as cooling racks, pie dishes, baking pans, and much more.

#2 – Drawer Storage
These aren’t your grandma’s drawers! Even if you choose a classic design, such as shaker style kitchen cupboards, you will notice the major change in the craftsmanship of the materials available for your kitchen remodels in Dartmouth, MA at the Cabinet Factory Outlet. Quality dovetail drawers with soft closing glides overcome all of the problems that homeowners once faced with sub-par designs. Today’s drawers are stronger and more accommodating than they used to be, providing ergonomic options, improvements to organization and function, easy roll out and closure, and clean lines that coordinate with any type of design. Integrate kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories that will help you maximize space that includes lots of functional drawer storage opportunities.

#3 – Hidden Trash Slides
One of the best innovations to hit kitchen design in the modern age is the idea of hidden trash slides. Trash cans and recycling bins can be cleverly hidden in your kitchen using our Dartmouth designer kitchen cabinets. No more annoying trash can in the middle of your kitchen for everyone to see and trip over. This type of trash station will only take up approximately eighteen inches of space in your base cabinets. Many of these cabinet stations can also accommodate a top drawer for storage of trash bags, storage bags, aluminum foil, and other kitchen necessities.

#4 – Hidden Spice Rack
While it was cool to put all of your spices out on display in the 70s and 80s, today’s kitchen remodels in Dartmouth, MA are all about creating a clean space. To accomplish a more minimalist design, kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories are used to hide things that might otherwise take up valuable counter space. Built-in “garages” for small appliances, hidden trash slides, and hidden spice racks are all the rage. A spice rack can be built into a small twelve-inch pullout near the cooking area for easy access. This is great for cooks who have a large collection of spices that they want to have near the preparation area. Tiered shelving allows for quick retrieval of everything from regularly used spices to rare blends.

#5 – Corner Storage Areas
Every kitchen has a bit of corner space, usually where the sink and prep space join, that doesn’t really allow for storage to be truly maximized. However, new innovations help to take advantage of corner areas to create storage for large pots, pans, and other important kitchen tools. A lazy susan, corner L-shaped drawers, and blind corner pull-out units can really help you to take advantage of corner spaces.

Designer Kitchen Cabinets in Swansea
If you are doing a kitchen remodel in Dartmouth, MA or the surrounding Southern New England region, make sure to stop by the Cabinet Factory Outlet to view our selection of designer kitchen cabinets, kitchen specialty cabinets, and accessories in our showroom. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 or just drop by our location on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, Massachusetts.

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