If you have spent any time researching the costs of doing a bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts, you are probably well aware of how expensive it can be. However, it is possible to save money without committing to a crazy DIY (do-it-yourself) project that you don’t have the tools, knowledge, or experience to complete without help. In fact, you could do a bathroom remodel that features solid maple bathroom vanities for well under $3,000. The first thing you need to do is make a stop at the Cabinet Design and Outlet in Swansea, MA.

Choose a Focal Point
The best advice for any project, whether it is renovating landscaping or remodeling a kitchen, is to select a focal point that will draw the eye as soon as someone comes into the space. For the bathroom, that focal point should be the vanity. Beautiful, top quality New Bedford bathroom vanities are much more affordable than you might think when you visit the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts. Choose from a broad selection of options, including lighter tones and darker shades, depending on your decor.

Solid maple bathroom vanities are designed to last a lifetime. Made from 100 percent all wood construction, the vanities, cabinets, and cupboards available at our Swansea showroom will compliment any style and add a beautiful focal point to the space. Whether you are remodeling a guest bath, master bath, or child’s bathroom, we have the most popular styles and colors available to suit your needs. Once you choose the bathroom vanity for your project, you can move on to other areas that need improvement.

Covering the Walls
One of the chief complaints about a bathroom that needs remodeling is the walls. Walls that are covered in 1970s style textured wallpaper, walls that have dings, dents, and cracks, or even walls that don’t seem to match up to the rest of the space correctly, can all benefit from being covered by another surface. Wainscotting, beadboard, and other new surface options are available at your local hardware or home improvement center and can be used to conceal eyesores in your bathroom effectively. This approach reduces the amount of time required to patch, fill, and otherwise repair the walls.

A NOTE OF CAUTION: Do not cover up walls that have mold, mildew or signs of leaks. Make sure that the underlying issue that caused the problem gets fixed before you put a covering over your walls. In some cases, a faulty vent system is responsible for a build-up of moisture that leads to mold and mildew in the ceiling or walls near the shower or tub. In other situations, a plumbing issue might be the culprit. There are things you can do to properly kill and seal the mold and mildew once the issue is fixed, but there’s no point in covering a problem that hasn’t been solved.

Covering the Floors
Not everyone has a budget that includes room for expensive porcelain flooring. However, many advances have been made to vinyl flooring that allows homeowners to have a beautiful looking bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts at a fraction of the cost. If your flooring is still in good condition, see what can be done to deep clean or replace the grout to give it a fresh look and feel. But if you don’t have to replace it and it goes with your New Bedford bathroom vanities and other materials, then you are better off to save that money for something else that you need to replace.

Tub and Shower Refinishing
Instead of yanking out that tub and shower, consider refinishing the fixtures instead. Bathtub and shower liners are all the rage but require a professional installation for best results. If you want to do it yourself, your best bet is to refinish the space instead. If your tub and shower have cracks and nicks or the surface has become discolored over the years, resurfacing or refinishing could be a budget-saver. Tiled showers can be regrouted, professionally cleaned, and broken tiles can be replaced. Alternatively, a new tile border around an existing tub or shower can make a huge impact on the space, instead of replacing it altogether.

DIY TOILET INSTALL: One of the easiest projects in a bathroom remodel is to replace an old toilet. New, modern toilets are available in the biggest name brands, running between $100-500 depending on the model. Choose from a range of colors, styles, sizes, and specialty functions. All new toilets have water-saving capabilities, which can help you to reduce water consumption and costs in your home. The hardest part of changing a toilet is lifting it into place. Get a friend to help if you don’t think you can manage on your own.

Visit the Cabinet Design and Outlet
There are other things that you can also do yourself, such as painting the bathroom, replacing hardware, and upgrading lighting fixtures. However, the best thing that you can do for your bathroom remodeling project is to take a look at the top quality, solid maple bathroom vanities, and cabinets available at the Cabinet Design and Outlet in Swansea. Before you do anything else, shop our showroom located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 to hear our hours or to learn more about our products.