New Trendy Color Schemes for Bathroom Remodel in Swansea, MA

New Trendy Color Schemes for Bathroom Remodel in Swansea, MA

Some people hear the word “trendy, ” and they think, “here today, gone tomorrow.” However, one of the best things about these hot color schemes for New England bathroom remodeling is that they are fresh, yet classic, which means that they have staying power. Today’s designers are recommending that homeowners get neutral solid maple vanities and then focus on customizing with hardware for cabinets and drawers, tile, wall paint, and accessories to add a splash of color. You can get a broad range of stylish Swansea bathroom vanities and cabinets at the Cabinet Factory Outlet, all of which will create a beautiful base for the rest of your decorating ideas.

Black | White | Blue
Traditional black and white bathroom styles get a touch of color when a simple blue is added to the mix. Decorators can integrate various shades of blue throughout the space, as they will not conflict with the base colors of black and white. Accessories, artwork, shower curtains, towels, and much more can all bring a bit of brightness to an otherwise monochromatic bathroom style for classically beautiful results.
The DANBURRY WHITE BATHROOM VANITY would be the perfect compliment to this style.

Canary Yellow | Gray | Tan
The beautiful pale yellow stands out next to the soothing shades of gray and tan. Excellent for small spaces, yet still strong enough to add a splash to larger bathrooms. All of the colors work together cohesively without overpowering each other, meaning that you can add elements of each color throughout the space without there being “too much” of one thing or the other. Yellow florals would add a touch of femininity to solid maple bathroom vanities, and rustic fixtures would increase the depth of the decor.
The WHEATON BATHROOM VANITY in cream with mocha glaze works well with this design.

Sage | Ivory
Sage and ivory is a beautiful combination that is great year-round. Sage can be considered spring, but it also works well in the autumn, allowing for seasonal accessories to be used throughout the year. Find new backsplash and wall tiles in sage or as a wall color to bring out the crispness of the ivory cabinetry for your bathroom remodel in Swansea, MA. Choose hardware for cabinet and drawers to further customize the look. This color scheme would look great with hardwood flooring or neutral tiles, depending on the size of the space and your budget.
The rich ivory color of the TRENTON BATHROOM VANITY would be a great choice here.

Butter | Cherry
If you are looking for a rich color scheme to use for your remodeling project, consider getting Swansea bathroom vanities and cabinets in a beautiful cherry and combine them with butter yellow wall paint and accessories. Butter yellow can work with just about any color of Swansea bathroom vanities, including natural wood, blonde, medium brown, espresso, and cherry. Bring a swatch of your favorite butter yellow paint into the Cabinet Factory Outlet and see for yourself. It creates a classic and somewhat vintage feel, adding depth and style to any room. Great for a master bathroom as well as a guest bathroom for maximum impact.
Choose the beautiful cherry CONCORD BATHROOM VANITY for this remodeling project.

Red | White | Navy
Nothing says Americana more than a bathroom done in these traditional colors. Careful consideration of the use of color will prevent it from look like a holiday “exploded” in your home. Navy and white stripes on the walls or in the linens, combined with minor red accents on mirror frames, fixtures, and backsplash, can bring it all together in a tasteful way. Choose classic white solid maple vanities and cabinetry that can be customized with beautiful hardware for cabinets and drawers for best results.
The DOVER BATHROOM VANITY classic shaker cabinets in white are pure New England!

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