Designer Kitchen Cabinets in Westport: Shaker Style Kitchen

Designer Kitchen Cabinets in Westport: Shaker Style Kitchen

For the past few years, shaker style kitchen cupboards have been one of the best selling styles in the home remodeling materials market. When compared to other styles used in designer kitchen cabinets for a Westport kitchen remodel, there is just something about this classic, clean style that is appealing to homeowners. There is a unique history of this form of cabinet, and it can be used with a variety of kitchen and bathroom countertops to create a custom look and feel for any home. In fact, the more you learn about shaker style kitchen cupboards, the more interesting they reveal themselves to be. No wonder they have been used in home decor for centuries.

The History of Shaker Style Kitchen Cupboards

Extremely versatile and simple, yet with mass appeal for many different types of decor, the Shaker style is typically made from flat panels of wood that are unadorned, featuring a recessed rail frame. Originally these cabinets were made from pine, but today many manufacturers make them from a variety of woods, including maple and cherry. The term “shaker” describes a Christian denomination that became well-known for creating high-function and high-quality furniture.

Acquired in the 1970s from a community of shakers was put on display at the New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art. Experts estimate that the builders created the furniture in the early 1800s. It caught the attention of modern furniture designers, and they began to incorporate the Shaker style into their designs. The simplicity of the design, as well as the durability and clean lines of these designer kitchen cabinets were a big hit with consumers. Shaker style kitchen cupboards and cabinetry are still popular choices for a Westport kitchen remodel.

Top Reasons for Popularity

The first thing you will notice about these kitchen cabinets is that they are lovely to look at, especially when they are made with 100 percent all wood construction. Because the design is simple, they have an affordable price point for just about any homeowner, and they look great with just about any type of kitchen and bathroom countertops. Shaker style kitchen cupboards create a warm, natural wood finish, so they look great in a traditional home. However, when they are white-washed or painted grey, they look great for a contemporary, farmhouse design.

Some of the more popular Shaker style kitchen cupboards at Cabinet Factory Outlet include:

  • Sturbridge Kitchen – A beautiful set of designer kitchen cabinets made from solid red birch cabinetry and full overlay all wood construction.
  • Dover Kitchen – For a clean, traditional design kitchen, you can’t beat the beautiful white Shaker style cabinets in this collection.
  • Yarmouth Kitchen – A lovely ivory design with graceful lines and lots of options to create a custom or semi-custom Westport kitchen remodel.
  • Trenton Kitchen – Dovetail, full extension, soft close drawers and soft close hinges, these designer kitchen cabinets are an ivory hue and will look good in any home.
  • Salem Kitchen – Choose from cherry or brown for these beautiful Shaker style kitchen cupboards to create a traditional or classic kitchen design.
  • Fairfield Kitchen – Solid wood kitchen cabinets made from solid oak and maple, are enhanced by a lightly stained golden oak tone to create a beautiful space.
  • Amesbury Kitchen – The popularity of the AMESBURY design has prompted the manufacturer to offer it in four distinct colors: brown, cherry, espresso and golden.

Quality Materials at a Great Price

When you come to the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA for your Westport kitchen remodel materials, you can get quality products and materials at a reduced price. Our goal is to provide our customers with a significant return on their investment, offering them all of the popular styles for designer kitchen cabinets, as well as the latest colors and designs. Create a custom look by mixing and matching Shaker style kitchen cupboards, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and all of the hardware and accessories you need to build the kitchen of your dreams. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 to ask about our hours or to get directions to our showroom on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, Massachusetts.

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