How to Choose the Best Master Bathroom Vanity in Fall River

How to Choose the Best Master Bathroom Vanity in Fall River

Fall River Master Bathroom VanityIf you have never changed out bathroom vanities and cabinets before, you have a lot to learn. Even if you are hiring a contractor to install your new top quality bathroom cabinets, it pays to take some time to learn about your options. Brand new construction or remodeling project, picking out the best vanity for the space requires a bit of thought. It is important to consider all of the facts to determine which choice will work best for your home. Some of the areas that you need to focus on include size, number of sinks, mounting options, style, and color.

What’s the Best Size?

Take a look at your bathroom floorplan. If you won’t be switching around the location of basic fixtures, then the current set-up is what you will need to choose. Keeping all of the plumbing and electric in the same spot can save you a lot of money on a remodel. Look at your existing bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA to get measurements for your new materials. The baseline of the vanity or the footprint should help you determine the size that you are looking for when you go shopping. If you are relocating the vanity to another part of the space, make sure to get accurate measurements from your contractor before you buy a new cabinet.

Extra tips for getting the right size vanity include:

  • make sure the doors and drawers will be able to open
  • consider doorway size when purchasing new bathroom vanities and cabinets
  • leave room for traffic in and out of the space
  • consider the height of the vanity for ease of use with medicine cabinets, fixtures, and storage
  • choose hardware for cabinets and drawers to match fixtures

How Many Sinks?

Since we are talking about a master bathroom, the question is whether you want one sink or two. If you have a large vanity, you will be able to accommodate two sinks. Smaller vanities may only be able to handle one sink but will have extra counter space. If you currently have two sinks and are replacing or upgrading bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA, you will likely want to do two sinks again. The reason for this is simple, as the plumbing is already there. If you want to cut it down to a single sink, work with your contractor to find out if this is feasible.

Mounting Options

There are a couple of different options when it comes to the mounting of your new top quality bathroom cabinets and vanities. The easiest method is just to repeat what was there before, as we have done with other steps in this process. However, compared to all the types, the freestanding or standard mounting option is the easiest to do. There are many different sizes, styles, and designs available in freestanding or standard bathroom vanities and cabinets. Wall mount of “floating” vanities are great for modern design but provide no storage due to the shortened height. Corner units may seem like a great idea but can be a waste of space. As a result, freestanding units are recommended more by designers and contractors for residential projects.

Style & Color

Ultimately, the style and color that you choose for your new bathroom vanities and cabinets is entirely up to you. Try to select options that match well with the existing style of your home. For example, you don’t want to go ultra conservative with a traditional design if the rest of your home is decorated with a modern, minimalistic flair. Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea has a wide variety of bathroom vanities for Fall River, MA remodeling and renovation projects. Choose from our Designer and Craftsman series for beautiful results. All of our top quality bathroom cabinets are made from 100 percent all wood construction using professional joining techniques, soft close doors, and glide drawers.

Tour Our Showroom in Swansea

If you are looking to upgrade bathroom vanities and cabinets or hardware for cabinets and drawers in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, visit our showroom. Located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, MA, we are convenient to homeowners and contractors from all over the South Coast area. View our wide selection of top quality bathroom cabinets for your Fall River home remodeling project. A broad range of colors and designs are also available to choose from for your home. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 to speak with one of our representatives about bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, and other essential materials.

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