How to Survive a Westport Bathroom Model & Not Lose Your Mind

How to Survive a Westport Bathroom Model & Not Lose Your Mind

Survive Bathroom Remodel in WestportWhile many people will tell you that a kitchen remodel is the most complicated home remodeling project, bathrooms are a close second. Remodeling a bathroom can be tough because it involves plumbing and electrical wiring, two things that really shouldn’t be mixed. What that means is that instead of being able to do much of the work yourself, you should probably work with a contractor. A general contractor can bring together plumbers, electricians, and installers for bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards. So no matter what room of the house you are improving, you can rest assured that it will be done properly and according to regulation code.

Full Renovation vs. Small Remodel

Depending on your budget and the work that needs to be done, you might be doing a complete renovation or just a small remodel. A full renovation can take weeks to complete, while a small remodel might just take several days or more to be finished. Either way, you will not have the use of your bathroom, and you will more than likely have contractors in your home throughout this period. Learning how to survive the stress and worries that come with a Westport bathroom remodel is half the battle. There are things that you can do before, and after the contractor arrives, that will make everything go a lot smoother. However, before you do anything yourself, make sure to discuss it with your trusted remodeling contractor.

Shopping for Vanities

After you consult with your contractor, it’s time to go shopping for bathroom vanities and hardware for cabinets and drawers. You will want to make sure that you choose materials that will work in the space or, if you are changing the floorplan, materials that will work with the new space. Consider asking your contractor to come to the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea with you or simply collect information that you can pass on to him when he is ready. We have a wide selection of solid maple bathroom vanities that will complement any design or style. Our showroom is filled with beautiful bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards, all of which can be used strategically in your Westport bathroom remodel.

Remove Personal Items

You don’t want the contractor to have to waste time removing your things from the bathroom. It is time-consuming and his time costs a lot more than yours. Do this the day before the work is set to begin to prevent any unnecessary delays. Start by looking at your bathtub and shower area. Remove all soaps, washcloths, towels, shampoos, conditioners, shaving cream, razors, and kids’ tub toys. If you use a shower rack to hold these things, go ahead and remove it too. If you have a toilet cover, go ahead and remove it too, as well as anything that you have sitting on the back of the toilet. Toilet paper racks, magazine racks, and behind-the-toilet cabinetry should all be removed as well.

The sink and sink base will likely be the place where most things are stored. Remove every candle, bar of soap, bottle of hand soap, towel or grooming item that is on the counter near the sink. Remove all items from drawers and cabinets under the sink, including cleaning items and toiletries. Open up the medicine cabinet and take everything out. Even if you aren’t replacing it, make sure that everything is emptied out before the contractor gets there. Look at the floor and remove all rugs, trash cans, scales, and bathmats. If there’s a shower curtain or curtains on windows, make sure to remove them too.

Start Shopping Accessories

Once you choose the solid maple bathroom vanities that you will have installed for your Westport bathroom remodel, you can start looking at accessories. Hardware for cabinets and drawers should be discussed with the contractor and installed during the remodel. Our wide selection of bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards can help you pick the best style, design, and color for your remodeling needs. Accessories can be purchased to coordinate with your new bathroom, including trash cans, rugs, bathmats, shower curtains, window treatments, soap dispensers, toothbrush and soap holders, decorative items and more.

You can always visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet showroom to look at the vanities and cabinets for your bathroom remodel. Take some photos before you go shopping for accessories to really bring everything together. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 or just stop by our showroom located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, Massachusetts. Our team can answer any questions you might have about bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards or provide you with directions to our location.

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