Top Design Trends for New Bedford Bathroom Vanities and Decor

Top Design Trends for New Bedford Bathroom Vanities and Decor

Bathroom Design Trends New BedfordEvery year new design trends begin to grow in popularity. It is important to pay attention to advances made in design for your bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts. However, the key is to be wary of any trends that are too over-the-top that might not stand up to the test of time. You don’t want to have to do a bathroom remodel in New Bedford again anytime soon, so it pays to invest in your future. Choose top quality bathroom cabinets and New Bedford bathroom vanities that will complement the design that you have chosen. Ensure that the color and style is neutral enough to adapt to any design changes that you will want to make in the future.

The Small Elements

One way to update your brand new top quality bathroom cabinets and vanities is to make small changes. You can switch out towels, shower curtains, and other decor elements to enhance the neutral style that you have chosen for your New Bedford bathroom vanities. A coat of paint on the walls is a bit more intense, but it can be much more easily done than to replace your new cabinetry again in just a few years. So while you might be into the “Fixer Upper” style Farmhouse decor today, make sure that your cabinetry choices are neutral enough to support whatever style you are in five years from now.

Increase Storage

A design trend that is always in style is to increase storage. Can we ever have enough of it? Add in extra cabinet space and drawers in a new vanity, and we can fill that up in just a few days! Think about the amount of storage that you need now and the storage that you will need going forward. Consider adding in coordinating top quality bathroom cabinets to go with your new vanity as part of a bathroom remodel in New Bedford. You might not even have to change the floor plan when you remodel, just add a few well-placed storage cabinets and specialty accessories to enhance the space. Many of our New Bedford bathroom vanities also have coordinating cabinetry that is designed to be used for this purpose.

Unique Materials

One of the most popular materials used in home design today is bamboo. With more homeowners looking for sustainable materials, it’s no wonder bamboo is so popular. Certain kinds of bamboo can grow several inches in a day. Quick growth, low water requirements, and excellent durability make bamboo an excellent choice for flooring, accent pieces, and much more. Bamboo wood flooring and furniture are very popular for today’s modern bathroom styles. Choose neutral top quality bathroom cabinets and vanities that will coordinate well with bamboo elements in your home.

Create a Home Spa Experience

Many homeowners are looking to bring the spa experience to their master suites. Depending on the size of your bathroom remodel in New Bedford, you might be able to achieve this as well. It is nice to have a quiet space that is all your own for pampering and relaxing after a hard day out in the world. Lighting plays a big part in an at-home spa experience, as well as soaking tubs, soft textures, and neutral color schemes. Accent your new top quality bathroom cabinets and New Bedford bathroom vanities with some natural greenery and river rocks. Work with your designer or contractor to create a beautiful and relaxing space in your own master bathroom.

Ceramic Tiles

Another excellent material that has made its way into showcases for bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts is designer ceramic tiles. A great choice for bathroom countertops, ceramic tile can be made to look like other more expensive materials but at a fraction of the cost. Granite, marble, slate, and wood grain ceramic tiles can be used for flooring, countertops, backsplash areas, and accent designs. Choose colors and styles that will compliment your new cabinetry for a magazine-worth bathroom remodel in New Bedford.

Visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet

Located in Swansea, the Cabinet Factory Outlet can help homeowners to find beautiful, top quality bathroom cabinets and vanities at great savings. To embrace some of the current design trends, consider our Designer Wheaton Bathroom Vanity or Designer Trenton Bathroom Vanity to complete the look. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 or stop by our showroom to view our collection of beautiful vanities and cabinets for your bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts.

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