Fall River Bathroom Vanities: Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Fall River Bathroom Vanities: Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Small Space Storage Bathroom Fall RiverIf you have ever lived with a small bathroom, you know the typical issues that come with trying to find storage for all of your things. Cleaning supplies, toiletries, towels, and personal items all need be kept in a convenient place for easy use. Figuring out how to arrange it all can be a real challenge. One way to increase storage is to upgrade bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA. You can do this as part of a much larger remodeling project, or you can choose to update bathroom vanities and cabinets alone.

It is important to choose top quality, all wood construction cabinets that will stand up to daily use. Cheaper products are available at your local home improvement center, but likely will only last a few years and won’t have the storage options that you require. For the best materials to use in a small or large-scale bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts, make sure to visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea. We have over a dozen affordable styles and designs that you can use to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Add Appealing Solutions

The first rule of thumb in making any upgrades to increase storage space is to make sure that the choices you make are visually appealing. Don’t just slap up some raw shelving to store your towels or you’ll regret it. Think carefully about the elements that you choose and work to select items that will enhance, rather than detract from, the space. Small bathroom storage solutions don’t have to be ugly. They can be carefully chosen to work with the style or design of your home, and when done correctly, they can even add value.

  • Open Shelving – Provides a clean and contemporary look. Choose beautiful open shelving that can be used to increase the storage available in your all wood construction cabinets. Make sure that the color and style coordinates well together with your options for bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA for best results. Don’t store a lot of items on the open shelving and don’t waste a lot of space on things that don’t provide function.
  • Baskets & Containers – Put items that you use every day in beautiful baskets and containers. These can be stowed underneath the sink in bathroom vanities and cabinets or on open shelving, as space permits. Create “his” and “hers” baskets or baskets grouped by purpose for easier use. Put extra towels, toilet paper, and other items inside baskets or roll and stack neatly for a spa-like appearance.
  • Specialty Cabinets – When you visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet for your bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts, make sure to ask about specialty cabinets and other accessories that can be used to increase storage. Sometimes just a simple slim cabinet slid between the vanity and toilet area can make all the difference. Add pullout shelving inside of your all wood construction cabinets to make reaching stowed items a lot easier.
  • Take It Outside – If your bathroom is way too small, consider moving some of your excess items to another area. A narrow chest of drawers in the hallway, a well-placed shelving system inside of a walk-in closet, or even a hall closet can be used to store the things you don’t use every day. Removing some of these items can give the appearance of more space. Quality bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA will help you store and access the things you use the most.

Shop Wisely for Materials

As you begin to look around at materials for your bathroom remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island, make smart choices. Oversized soaking tubs are no longer the “in” thing, and walk-in showers have made a comeback. You might be able to increase storage by removing one or more of these items, combine a tub and shower, or eliminate the bath completely. For half baths, consider taller all wood construction cabinets with more storage space via drawers and cupboard areas. Not only do they provide an instant upgrade to the look and feel of your bathroom, but these taller bathroom vanities and cabinets can increase value in your home.

Visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA. We have a wide selection of all wood construction cabinets in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. Choose from traditional, classic, modern, rustic, farmhouse, luxury, and other models in all the popular colors, including white, ivory, off-white, cream, blonde, brown, cherry, and espresso. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 or just stop by our showroom located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway.

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