South Coast Remodeling: Kitchen Design Problems to Overcome

South Coast Remodeling: Kitchen Design Problems to Overcome

Kitchen Design Problems South CoastWhile some people seek to remodel their kitchen solely because they want new designer kitchen cabinets, others are looking to fix problems. Sometimes the original builder made mistakes in the layout or, in other cases, new technologies and trends demand change. Whatever the problems are with your current kitchen style, you can fix them all with our full line of top quality South Coast kitchen cabinets, kitchen specialty cabinets, and accessories. Traditional style cabinet doors, dovetail joined drawers, shaker style kitchen cabinets, and just about any other design you could ever want. The Cabinet Factory Outlet has everything you need to achieve your dream kitchen goals without compromising quality.

Poorly Planned Kitchens

A bad workflow that makes it challenging to make a peanut butter sandwich, let alone cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner. It might seem impossible to overcome a bad layout, but it can be done. Islands that are too small – or even too big – can be a big problem. Non-existant storage or angles that require you to be a contortionist just to cook a meal is even worse. If you have a bad layout, you should consider working with a remodeling designer. Not only will they help to fix the arrangement, but they can also help you choose the best kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories to meet your needs. More storage? No problem. More food prep space? Consider it done. Make sure to express your issues with the current design so the professional will know what changes to make for your remodeling project.

Bad Ventilation

Many old homes are victims of inadequate ventilation. While this isn’t usually a problem when the weather is nice, and you can open a window, Southeastern Massachusetts will often have very long and cold winters. Ventilation helps to keep grease and food odors out of your home. If the ventilation is bad, these odors and grease particles can find their way into your furniture, walls, clothing, and cabinets. Most systems do not have enough power or have poorly installed ductwork. Make sure to consider upgrading your ventilation system as part of your remodel along with upgrading to designer kitchen cabinets or top-quality shaker style kitchen cabinets for your home.

Not Enough Storage

Is there ever such a thing as too much storage in a kitchen? There is always something new that can be placed in an empty spot if you ever happen to find one. Our full line of South Coast kitchen cabinets is designed to look and function beautifully for many years to come, but it was also created to provide ample storage. Kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories can be used to establish a place for everything so you can put everything in its place. European soft-close hinges and dovetail joined drawers make these cabinets a pleasure to use. With multiple finishes and stain options, you will be anxious to show off your new kitchen cabinets and cupboards when your remodeling project is complete. Plus, you’ll finally have room to store all of those small kitchen appliances, specialty tools, and seasonal cookware!

Narrow Galley-Style Aisles

Another reason to reconfigure the layout of your existing kitchen is to provide more room to simply move around in your kitchen. Some plans provide room for one or two persons to be in the space at a time but add in one more body, and it becomes crowded quickly. Wider aisles between your new South Coast kitchen cabinets, islands, and appliances will make it easier to navigate the kitchen when you have guests or family members who like to assist with food preparation. New planning guidelines recommend a minimum of 42-inches of workspace aisle for a single cook and as much as 48-inches of workspace for two. Once you work in a kitchen that has ample aisles, you will never want to go back to the old way again.

Insufficient Lighting

Another area where many homes are lacking is in lighting for the kitchen. It is important to have basic room lighting, but also to provide task lighting in certain areas of the space. An extra light over the sink for washing dishes, a vent hood light over the stovetop for cooking, a dimming lightbox or feature light fixture in the middle of the room for a dramatic touch, and under-the-cabinet lighting for accents or better workspace illumination. Pendants and other hanging light fixtures are perfect overtop islands, bars, and extended workspaces, just make sure they coordinate with your new designer kitchen cabinets and other elements.

Quality Materials in South Coast

If you are planning a kitchen remodel anywhere in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island, consider the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea. Located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway, we provide a broad range of styles, colors, and sizes of beautiful traditional, modern, classic, and even shaker style kitchen cabinets for your home. Ask about our kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories, as well as other remodeling materials to complete the look. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 or stop by our showroom anytime to see our South Coast kitchen cabinets for yourself.

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