How to Spot Quality Cabinets & Cupboards for Dartmouth Remodel

How to Spot Quality Cabinets & Cupboards for Dartmouth Remodel

Cabiinets Dartmouth RemodelAfter you have shopped around for awhile to get materials for your Dartmouth kitchen remodel, pretty soon all of the options start to look alike. The truth is that there is a distinct way to identify high-quality designer kitchen cabinets. Once you learn what to look for, you’ll be able to spot out which kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories are worth the investment, and which ones aren’t. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your new kitchen, if the materials are cheap and you don’t use quality all wood construction cabinets, it won’t look right. Doors will be crooked, can sag, and become dented or scratched easily. Drawers can deteriorate, come apart, and warp. All of these problems occur rather quickly due to low-quality construction.

Affordable Doesn’t Mean Cheap

When you come to the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA to shop for designer kitchen cabinets, you will see some amazing prices. It is important to understand that just because our all wood construction cabinets are lower in price than the options you will see at other kitchen showrooms, doesn’t mean that they aren’t high in quality. In fact, our showroom is popular with designers, architects, builders, and contractors, as well as with homeowners and property owners alike. While we can help our customers save a considerable amount of material costs, we are proud to provide high-quality products that will enhance the look and function of any South Coast kitchen.

As you browse the selection of cabinets, cupboards, and kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories, you will see why Cabinet Factory Outlet is a popular resource in the Southern New England area. We also have over 20 different styles, colors, and designs available for you to choose from, providing you with enough options to create the kitchen of your dreams. Dark colors in espresso and cherry, as well as light colors in blonde, gray, white, and cream, can be used to create the desired effect. Save time and money by purchasing your kitchen cabinets at the Cabinet Factory Outlet for your Dartmouth kitchen remodel.

Quality Construction Elements

According to some of the leading industry experts and designers, there are a few points that you should look for when shopping for designer kitchen cabinets. Just because a cabinet design is pricey and popular, doesn’t mean that it is well-built or durable. Take a look at the list below and compare the quality signs with your existing cabinetry. You might even be able to identify some of the reasons why you need to replace your existing kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

  • All Wood Construction Cabinets – Most cabinet boxes are made from plywood or particleboard. The strongest cabinets that are built and designed to be used with heavy granite countertops and other popular material options feature plywood sides, tops, and bottoms. This also helps for the cabinets to keep their shape and stay square during installation and many years of use. Particleboard is a cheaper product that is very vulnerable to damage from moisture and more likely to be crushed when used with heavy countertops. Our designer kitchen cabinets are made using plywood sides, tops, and bottoms. They also feature plywood shelves and 3/4-inch thick drawers.
  • Soft Close Hinges – If you had ever used high-quality cabinets before and were in awe of the way the doors closed so softly and smoothly, they probably featured soft close hinges. A definite mark of quality, cabinet hinges are a critical component of your new Dartmouth kitchen remodel. They may seem small, but they make a huge difference in the way that your kitchen looks, feels, and functions. Poorly made hinges will lead to eventual problems, such as loose or uneven cabinet doors and doors that won’t stay closed. At Cabinet Factory Outlet, our cabinets feature concealed European-style hinges. They are self-closing soft close door hinges that are designed to function well and protect your cabinets from damage.
  • Undermount Soft Close Drawer Glides – Another telltale sign of quality construction is our full-extension, soft-closing, steel-design undermount drawer glides. Similar to the soft close door hinges, our soft close drawer glides improve the function and durability of our designer kitchen cabinets. Quality drawer glides are essential to providing the user with a smooth and quiet movement for many years. The steel-design of these glides provides long-lasting support to prevent sagging, loose drawers, or drawers that stick. The undermount feature provides full access to the entire drawer.
  • Dovetail Construction Drawer Boxes – While the overall construction of your drawers might not seem to be important, once you’ve used a poorly constructed set you will quickly appreciate a quality product. Our drawers are 3/4-inch thick, solid wood drawer boxes that feature dovetail construction. Instead of boxes that are stapled together, as many low-cost options are, dovetail construction utilizes joints that are fully captured on all four sides with grooves that are then glued and nailed into place.

Tour Our Showroom

Take a look at the quality offerings available at our showroom in Swansea so you can see the difference in our all wood construction cabinets and cupboards. If you are planning a Dartmouth kitchen remodel or are doing any home remodeling in the South Coast area, make sure to stop by and see our showroom. Located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway, you can see our full selection of designer kitchen cabinets, kitchen specialty cabinets, and accessories. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 or stop by Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

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