Taunton Kitchen Remodel: Professional Tips for Better Results

Taunton Kitchen Remodel: Professional Tips for Better Results

Taunton Kitchen RemodelSo you’ve decided to take the plunge and remodel your outdated or dysfunctional kitchen. Whether you are doing this as a DIY (do-it-yourself) project or if you will have some help along the way, it’s a good idea to use professional tips to prevent costly errors. Deciding to remodel a kitchen in Taunton can be a little scary, as we have all heard the “horror stories” of kitchen remodels gone wrong. But if you start with quality materials from the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts and you have a solid plan before you start doing any demo work, it should turn out great. Some of the biggest mistakes come from tearing things out too fast or from trying to do installations that are beyond your scope of abilities.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

There is an old carpenter’s saying that warns to “measure twice and cut once.” What this means is that if you double-check your measurements before cutting or doing anything else, you are less likely to make expensive mistakes. Check your measurements before ordering Swansea kitchen cabinets and before removing anything already existing in your kitchen. It is important to note that cabinet widths run in three-inch increments. This is never more noticeable than when you are trying to cut costs by retaining some materials from the original kitchen. For example, if the cabinets were built on the slab, but you want to keep the existing flooring for your Taunton kitchen remodel, then you may have gaps between the old floor and your brand new cabinets.

Measure things individually, but check to ensure that the total width of the cabinetry will match the existing space of the cabinets that you are replacing. Some gaps can be hidden with molding, but others will look awkward no matter what you try to do. Visit our website for tips on measuring to purchase kitchen cabinets from the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts. We have a variety of styles, designs, and sizes for you to choose from, including specialty cabinets, toe kicks, and accessories. These options can help you take a standard kitchen layout and design and turn it into a beautiful semi-custom finished product that will look great and perform as desired for many years to come.

Another tip is to order the countertops after the cabinets have been installed. This gives you a chance to double-check measurements again to ensure that they fit with your new Swansea kitchen cabinets. The Cabinet Factory Outlet also carries a variety of beautiful countertops that you can use to complete the look of your remodel kitchen in Taunton.

Create Special Spaces

What do you like to do in your kitchen? Do you enjoy cooking complicated recipes that require professional equipment and loads of counter space? Do you entertain family and friends on a regular basis? Would you like to add office space for collecting recipes, paying household bills, and using a personal computer? All of these special spaces can be built into your new kitchen. Create a little alcove area for a desk and computer. Enhance entertaining options by extending the bar area or adding an island to visit more easily with guests. Add specialty cabinets and cupboards, small appliance garages, and room for all of your professional equipment into your new Taunton kitchen remodel.

When you add new features, don’t forget to include new outlets for plugging in small appliances or for hooking up the family computer in your new office space. Extra lighting for a new pantry area and more task lighting for islands and other cook spaces. If you are hiring an electrician to help with this part of the project, make sure to show them your plans for expansion or special spaces that you will be adding on to the existing kitchen. They may have shortcut ideas or other options that you can use to get more out of the space. When you visit the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts, make sure to look at all of the coordinating options for specialty cabinets and organization at our showroom.

Visit a home improvement, storage, or kitchen store for even more ideas to expand space in your new kitchen. Under-the-cabinet mounted storage options can be added. Pull-down racks can help you reach the top shelves of cabinets, and ready-made spice racks can make it easier to access all of your seasonings. Remember to think about convenience as well when designing your remodel kitchen in Taunton to make the best use of the space.

Visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet

Come to Swansea, Massachusetts to tour our showroom located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway. We have a wide variety of designer cabinet options for your Taunton kitchen remodel. We provide services to both professional contractors and individual homeowners. We have customers coming from all over Southern New England to see our quality all-wood construction cabinets and cupboards. GIve us a call at 508-379-6154 or stop by our location Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

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