Upgrading to Top Quality Bathroom Cabinets in Fall River, MA

Upgrading to Top Quality Bathroom Cabinets in Fall River, MA

Upgrade Bathroom Cabinets in Fall RiverOne of the easiest do-it-yourself (DIY) projects is to replace old, worn bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA with brand new solid maple bathroom vanities from the Cabinet Factory Outlet. Not only will you get a great deal on beautiful designs and colors, ranging from traditional white to brown, rich espresso and cherry stained solid maple, but it’s a straightforward job to complete on your own. Even if you aren’t doing much else to upgrade your bathroom, a new vanity and other top quality bathroom cabinets will make a significant impact on the look and function of the space.

Select the model of your choice from a variety of options at our Swansea outlet showroom. Some models, such as the WHEATON, STURBRIDGE, DOVER, and TRENTON can also be used in conjunction with other top quality bathroom cabinets and accessories to increase storage and further customize the look. The Cabinet Factory Outlet also carries a variety of options for countertops to match your new vanity, as well as hardware and accessories to tie it all together. Your best bet is to visit our showroom and see it all for yourself.

How to Replace an Old Vanity

It is a simple step-by-step process to remove an old vanity and replace it with a new one. If you don’t want to have to deal with flooring upgrades or making expensive plumbing changes that might require a professional, make sure to purchase new bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA that match the size and footprint of your existing vanity. That way, all you need to do is remove the old unit and replace it with beautiful painted or stained solid maple bathroom vanities.

  • Step One – Turn Off the Water – The water must be shut off at the wall, and the supply lines need to be disconnected. For best results, use a bucket to catch any drips that might occur from the P-trap and the supply lines when everything is being replaced.
  • Step Two – Remove the Countertop and Sink – Most countertops are secured to the wall with caulking and hardware. Simply use a utility knife to loosen the caulk between the wall and the vanity. You will likely need to separate the vanity and the wall all the way down to the floor on the sides. Remove the countertop and sink insert very carefully to prevent any damage to the walls. If you have a large countertop and sink, you will want at least an extra pair of hands to help with the removal process.
  • Step Three – Remove the Vanity and Cabinets – The next step in removing the old vanity to replace with new top quality bathroom cabinets is to remove all of the screws that attach the vanity to the wall. You might want a power screwdriver to more easily remove the screws without stripping them out completely. Carefully lift the vanity and any other cabinets up and out of the bathroom carefully to avoid causing damage to the walls. TIP: If you are going to paint the bathroom as well, now is the best time to do it, as you won’t have to deal with cabinets or bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA.
  • Step Four – Position the New Vanity – Using the wall studs as a guide, position where the new vanity will be placed and mark where the screw holes will be located. Ensure that the vanity is flush against the wall when it is set into place and use shims and a level to make sure it is done correctly.
  • Step Five – Attach the New Vanity – Now is the time to secure the new vanity to the wall using screws. Secure the new countertop to the base, running a bead of caulk along the top edges of the vanity base. Reconnect the plumbing and install the new faucet, using Teflon tape to make all connections tighter and easier to secure. Consider replacing the P-trap and other connections if they are old to extend the life of the new installation.
  • Step Six – Finishing Touches – Go around the edges of the countertop and walls, applying a thin bead of caulking to ensure a close fit and seal. This will prevent dust, moisture, or anything else from getting in between the installation. Make sure the caulk is applied evenly and use a damp rag to ensure that the application is applied smoothly without smudging.

Visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea

If you are interested in seeing our selection of solid maple bathroom vanities and other 100 percent all-wood construction, top quality bathroom cabinets, stop by our showroom. We are open to the public, catering to contractors, property owners, home designers, and homeowners alike. See the beautiful cherry stained maple, white, brown, espresso, cream, and other popular color options for yourself. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 or stop by Tuesday through Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm.

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