Top Colors & Trends for Southcoast Kitchen Remodeling in 2018

Top Colors & Trends for Southcoast Kitchen Remodeling in 2018

Southcoast Kitchen RemodelingWhen it comes time to choose the best designer kitchen cabinets for your home, it can help to know what color you want to paint the space as part of your kitchen remodel. Southcoast kitchen remodeling can be done in varying degrees. Some homeowners choose to replace cabinets and paint, while others may completely renovate the space and put in brand new flooring, light fixtures, and appliances. Regardless of your plans, choosing a color is a great way to get started on a kitchen remodel in Swansea, MA. The wall color should compliment the wood colors that you choose to install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Traditional Kitchen Colors

If you might be selling your home in the next few years, you will want to go traditional. While avant-garde colors are beautiful and can be a great reflection of your personal style, when it comes to the kitchen, traditional or classic hues are best. If you want to add a touch of color, consider doing that with the accessories that you add to your kitchen later. Kitchen towels, small appliances, decorative items, rugs, and even cookie jars can provide function and flair to any kitchen space. For the walls think about simple and clean colors, such as white, ivory, beige, pale green, and light blue. Even gray or a pale yellow could work, depending on the color scheme that you want to go for in this room.

When it comes to picking designer kitchen cabinets for this type of kitchen, try to stay within the basic colors as well. White, ivory, and cream cabinets are classic New England or Cape Cod style choices that can be used for homes that fit this type of architecture. Mid-tone wood cabinets, including blonde or light brown shades, could also be used effectively. The choices you make will depend on the overall style of your home, the colors you choose for the walls, the type of cabinets you like, and your budget. However, you can always save money on Southcoast kitchen remodeling by visiting the Cabinet Factory Outlet where we have lots of styles and colors available for you to choose from for a kitchen remodel in Swansea, MA.

Modern Color Trends

It is not uncommon to pick up a designer magazine and see ideas to install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts for kitchens that are painted in bright and bold colors. Cherry apple red, brilliant spring green, sunshine yellow, pumpkin orange, deep ocean blue, and the popular peacock blue are just some of the colors that are being used in homes across the country. While you don’t need to paint the entire wall pumpkin orange, you can use it sparingly as an accent color.

Some homeowners choose to add bold colors to everything from the trim and the backsplash to flooring and appliances, but there are no rules when it comes to home decor, so do what makes you happy. Speaking of which, here is a list of colors and the mood or emotion that they are supposed to inspire. If you are going for a certain feel, this guide might be helpful in making color choices for a kitchen remodel in Swansea, MA.

  • YELLOW – energizing, happy, and eye-catching; instantly brightens up a space and can be used in a variety of tones and shades
  • RED – passionate, lustful, and stimulates the appetite; think strawberry, cranberry, raspberry, and cherry
  • GREEN – soothing, earthy, and clean; some of the top colors used in kitchens include apple green, mint, and avocado
  • BLUE – cool, clean, and calm; choose from a variety of shades and pair them with white, ivory, and beige to create a unique combination
  • ORANGE – enthusiasm and excitement; colors can range from pale to dark, depending on the design or theme of the space
  • PURPLE – wisdom, royal, and deep; lighter shades of lilac and lavender or darker hues like eggplant and plum

Southcoast Kitchen Remodeling

Whatever color palette you choose for your kitchen remodel in Swansea, MA or anywhere in the Southcoast region, make sure it is a color that you can live with day in and day out. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Families spend more time there than pretty much anywhere else in this house. When you install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts, choose cabinets that will provide you with function and flair. Quality all wood cabinets from the Cabinet Factory Outlet can help you to achieve all of your goals. Stop by our showroom on Grand Army of the Republic Highway so you can see our selection of designer kitchen and cabinets. You can also give us a call at 508-379-6154 to hear our hours or speak with one of our sales representatives.

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