SouthCoast Kitchen Remodeling: Pulls or Knobs for Cabinets

SouthCoast Kitchen Remodeling: Pulls or Knobs for Cabinets

There are many different price point levels for designer kitchen cabinets. Not everyone can afford to invest in the high-end series for their SouthCoast kitchen remodeling. However, there are things that you can do to customize your prefab, ready-to-assemble, and standard cabinets and make them look more expensive. Hardware for cabinets and drawers is kind of like the setting on a piece of jewelry. The more expensive the stone, the higher quality the setting or metal that is used to hold it into place. When you add custom pulls and knobs for kitchen cabinets that are top quality and well-chosen, they really help to enhance the overall look and feel of your new cabinets.

In addition, by using kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories, such as soft-close European hinges and lazy Susan inserts, you can really upgrade the function of your space as well. While these little extras might not seem like a lot, they really make a big difference. Your friends and family will notice the details right away, comparing them to pricier cabinets and materials that they have seen in model homes, custom kitchen showrooms, and in home remodeling magazines. Take care to choose the best pulls or knobs for your SouthCoast kitchen remodeling, selecting the right size and type to suit the style of cabinetry you purchased at the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA.

Browse Our Hardware and Accessories

When you come to see our showroom, make sure to take time to look at our selection of quality hardware and accessories, including pulls and knobs for kitchen cabinets. Whether you enjoy cooking a lot or frequently entertain, you want to make sure that your new kitchen doesn’t just look great, but that it performs well too. Planning a new kitchen renovation can be a lot of stress, especially because of all the options that are available. However, once you select the design of your new cabinets at the Cabinet Factory Outlet, you can start focusing on the details. New countertops, flooring, and hardware for cabinets and drawers.

If you take a look at the photos on our website that feature the different styles and types of kitchen cabinets that we sell, you will see that many are shown with drawer pulls and knobs for kitchen cabinets. However, these do not come standard. We recommend that you come in and choose the pulls and door knobs that you want to use with your SouthCoast kitchen remodeling project. Match the metals to your new lighting and plumbing fixtures or pick a style that coordinates with your kitchen theme. We have a wide range of kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories, as well as hardware like glides and soft-close hinges, that you can use to create professional results in minutes.

Which Style is Best?

There are a lot of options to consider when it comes to pulls and knobs for kitchen cabinets. You will see right away that there are a lot of different shapes, colors, and finishes. Modern styles work well with sleek and modern designed cabinets. Antique style knobs might not work with a minimalist design but would look great with a farmhouse or country-style kitchen. If you aren’t sure which type looks best, consider working with a consultant or browse DIY home remodeling websites, catalogs, and magazines for ideas. The hardware that you choose for your new kitchen will really set the tone. This is your chance to customize your SouthCoast kitchen remodeling project and make it your own.

The cost between knobs and pulls can vary, depending on the material that they are made of and the manufacturer. You can typically get most knobs for just a couple of dollars each, but some that are made from high-end materials, such as crystals or costly metals, can cost hundreds of dollars for each one. Comparing a knob and a pull with regard to cost is simple. The pull is larger and requires more materials and work to create, so it is often a bit more costly. The basic pull for a kitchen could range between a couple of dollars to nearly ten, while more expensive options can be hundreds of dollars. Choose based on the style, look, and function of your kitchen more than the cost. Remember that this is an investment in your new kitchen and your choice should be made carefully.

Visit our showroom at the Cabinet Factory Outlet. Located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, MA we are open to the public. Our showroom hours are 9 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday. You can contact our sales team by calling 508-379-6154.

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