Create a “Coffee House” Kitchen at Home for Dartmouth Remodel

Create a “Coffee House” Kitchen at Home for Dartmouth Remodel

Dartmouth Coffee House Inspired KitchenDo you love spending time at your local coffee house? Why not bring the look and feel of the classic American coffee house home to your kitchen? It’s easy to create a coffee shop atmosphere as part of your Dartmouth kitchen remodel and even make space for your own custom coffee bar. Start by choosing quality all wood construction cabinets, hardware for cabinets and drawers, as well as other essential materials that will help you re-create the coffee house experience at home. Espresso stained kitchen cabinets are just the start. Here’s a whole list full of ideas that you can use to make your coffee dreams a reality!

Select a Color Palette

While you might just think that your local coffee shop is a combination of brown hues, the truth is that a lot more goes into creating this look than you might think. Select vibrant color accents, such as deep reds, bright greens, inspirational blues, and trendy colors like peacock blue or lemon yellow, to bring it all to life. These colors can be integrated into light fixtures, appliances, shelving, cookware, artwork, and other elements. They brighten up what could otherwise just be a dull and boring combination of brown items in your Dartmouth kitchen remodel. Look at decorating magazines for top color trends and make a few “research visits” to your local coffee shop for inspiration.

Make Sure to Use Texture

Part of that “feel good” feeling that you get when you walk into a coffee shop has to do with the variety of textures that are used. Rustic brickwork, fabric upholstered chairs, leather barstools, cozy rugs, and metal fixtures can all be used to create a comfortable atmosphere in your new kitchen. Select pieces carefully to make sure they work with your color palette and overall design. Include wicker baskets, clay pots, glass jars, and commercial grade shelving to create a cohesive combination of old-school and trendy decor. The great thing about all of these items is that they can be moved around and interchanged to suit your mood, the season, or to make space for other items. Each piece should enhance your new all wood construction cabinets, bringing out the best of the craftsmanship and detail.

Shop for Unique Artwork

Think about the wall space that you have in your kitchen and consider adding unique paintings and metalwork that will further bring out the coffee shop feel in your home. Coffee-inspired artwork can be a no-brainer option for creating a nice focal point that will help establish the theme that you are going for with your new Dartmouth kitchen remodel. You can even get vintage-looking hardware for cabinets and drawers that will add an artistic appeal to the space. Shop online for unique, hand-painted, or antique options that can be incorporated into your coffee bar area or used throughout the entire kitchen. Art can also include sculptures and other decorative pieces that can be used throughout the space, on table tops, counters, hang from ceilings, or be used in conjunction with functional materials.

Start With a Good Base

When you begin shopping for the best coffee or espresso stained kitchen cabinets to use in your remodeling project, make sure to pick all wood construction cabinets that are made using quality techniques. For a rich finish and classic, standard elements of design, consider the Amesbury Espresso Kitchen from our Craftsman Premier Series. We also have the Quincy Kitchen Series, which is available in espresso, cherry, brown, and golden hues. Add high-quality elements, such as molding, special cabinet options, and other extras that can be used to design a custom kitchen that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Visit the showroom at Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea before you start shopping for any other materials in your new Dartmouth kitchen remodel. We have a wide range of options available in many different colors, designs, sizes, and price points. Self-closing cabinet doors and drawers provide a touch of richness. Stately and impressive craftsmanship design helps make an instant impression to anyone who is invited into your home. Solid raised panel doors, dovetail drawer construction, full-extension, soft-closing, undermount glides, and cabinetry with finished sides and interiors will change your mind about outlet materials once and for all. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 and ask about our Craftsman Premier Collection. Make sure to look at our Designer and Craftsman series as well, to find the best all wood construction cabinets for your home remodeling project.

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