Home Remodeling Tips: Install Kitchen Cabinets in Rhode Island

Home Remodeling Tips: Install Kitchen Cabinets in Rhode Island

Replace Kitchen Cabinets in Rhode IslandThere are a lot of tips available online about how to do a “kitchen makeover” on the cheap. Painting, sanding, and staining kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island is one way to create a new look and color scheme for an old and outdated kitchen. However, there are certain situations where painting or staining just won’t do the trick. If you want to remodel a kitchen in Providence and have the project add value to your home, make sure to pay attention to these tips. While you don’t have to invest a fortune into buying designer kitchen cabinets, sometimes a simple update is all you need to truly be successful at Southcoast kitchen remodeling.

Cheap Cabinets

If you have what is known as “contractor grade” cabinetry, nothing you do to your kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island will make them look better. Super cheap, low-grade cabinetry that is made from particle board and other cheap materials aren’t designed to be refaced, resurfaced, stained or painted. In fact, in most cases, you will only have a laminate covering that “looks like wood” instead of being made from actual wood. Once you start sanding, you will quickly realize that what’s underneath isn’t any better than those cheap bookshelves you can buy at your local home improvement center. If you don’t have a good basic all wood construction cabinet to start with, no amount of painting or elbow grease will make it look any better.

Lots of Damage

When recommendations are given to paint or stain outdated cabinetry, it should only be done when the materials are in good condition. Frames that are rotted or damaged by water, with or without mold and mildew, are not a good candidate for resurfacing. Cabinets that have been deeply scratched, chewed on by pets, or infested with pests of any kind should be replaced. Swelling within the wood, gouges, or even structural issues are all indications that the cabinets should be replaced when you do any type of Southcoast kitchen remodeling.

Metal Cabinetry

While this used to be a significant trend, most homeowners today appreciate wood designer kitchen cabinets. If you are going to remodel a kitchen in Providence, take this opportunity to upgrade your cabinetry to something that will be more valuable to prospective buyers in the future. Even if you have no current plans to sell your home, invest in your future real estate opportunities and purchase quality kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island that are made of 100 percent all wood construction. Hardware is the only metal that should be used with cabinetry in this day and age. Coordinating all of the metal with doorknobs, drawer pulls, faucets, lighting, and other elements will create a professional and cohesive-looking effect.

New Layout

If you are making structural changes in your kitchen concerning the layout, either to make it larger, create space for a dine-in eating area, or to make it more functional, you will need to get new cabinets for your Southcoast kitchen remodeling needs. Old cabinets should not be moved and relocated once they have been installed. The integrity of the materials will not be as durable and sound. However, the primary reason will be that your old cabinets most likely won’t fit with the new layout of your kitchen. Designer kitchen cabinets can be purchased at a surprisingly affordable cost when you visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA.

You Hate the Style

Let’s face it, not everyone appreciates hand-carved, ornate cabinet doors or fancy facings for their kitchen cupboards. Maybe you just want a lighter – or darker – finish for your cabinetry that cannot be accomplished with painting or staining. Perhaps you hate the way the drawers open and close or maybe there just isn’t enough space for all of your dishes and cookware. Whatever the reason, if you hate the style and arrangement of your existing cabinetry, it’s time for a change. If you are investing in new appliances, flooring, backsplash, and fixtures, why not up the ante and replace those tired, worn out, and outdated kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island too?

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