Top 5 Reasons to Remodel a Kitchen in Taunton in the Winter

Top 5 Reasons to Remodel a Kitchen in Taunton in the Winter

Thinking about doing a kitchen remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts? Have you ever wondered what the best time of year is to install brand new designer kitchen cabinets or put in updated flooring? Just about any time of year is a good time to get rid of contractor grade materials and replace them with all wood construction cabinets, but in reality, the winter season is one of the best times to get this type of work done. Up until the holidays, many contractors are working like crazy to finish projects for clients, but after the first week of the New Year, the work slows down to a crawl in the Greater Taunton area.

Reason #1 – You Could Save Money

During the winter months, the costs for things tend to go down. It’s all related to the concept of supply and demand. Between October and the end of the year, people tend to do a lot of last-minute work on their homes, and in the spring, after the snow and ice have melted away, homeowners often get the bug to remodel a kitchen in Taunton or somewhere in the surrounding area. In the winter months of January and February, many contractors are looking for work due to the slowdown. You could get a lower rate for labor and might even be able to get a better deal on designer kitchen cabinets.

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Reason #2 – A Good Excuse to Leave

If you are thinking about taking your family and staying somewhere else during the remodeling work, winter is a great time to leave Southeastern Massachusetts. If you are working with a trusted and reputable contractor, go ahead and plan a vacation in the middle of the remodel when your home is at it’s worst. You might be able to create a makeshift kitchen that you can use during the beginning and end-stages, but when the old cabinetry is being pulled out, and the new designer kitchen cabinets are being installed, you don’t want to be there. Not only will it be noisy and messy, but it will also be dusty. January and February sound like great months to visit someplace warm on vacation.

Reason #3 – Frozen Ground is Good for Expansions

Did you know that cold, dry air and frozen winter ground are an excellent combination for expanding the square footage of your home? It’s absolutely true! Cooler temperatures make it preferable for contractors to do things like dig foundations, pour concrete, and expand the space of an existing kitchen, bathroom, or add on a room. You will also be taking advantage of the slower construction season, helping the project to get done faster. By working in January or February, you will also get the work for your kitchen remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts completed before the rainy season hits in the spring.

Reason #4 – Designers Are More Available

While interior designers work year-round to assist in the design and decorative phase of plans to remodel a kitchen in Taunton and the surrounding area, they are a bit more available in the winter months. Some clients might begin discussing plans for spring or summer renovations, but very few will be ready to start shopping for designer kitchen cabinets and countertops to install in the winter. Some of the biggest names in home design will likely be more readily available after the holidays to start doing immediate work on your home to be completed during the winter.

Reason #5 – You Could Save Time

Because contractors, designers, and supply companies are often slower during the winter season, you could see your winter kitchen remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts be completed in a shorter time frame than in the spring or during the holiday rush. With all of the professionals more readily available, your all wood construction cabinets will be installed in no time, and the finishing touches can be completed by the designer to help create the kitchen of your dreams. Instead of taking months and months, your project could be completed in a fraction of the time if you do it in the winter.

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