Southcoast Kitchen Remodeling: Shaker Style Kitchen Cupboards

Southcoast Kitchen Remodeling: Shaker Style Kitchen Cupboards

Shaker Style Kitchen CabinetsIf you are looking at designs to install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts that have staying power, consider Shaker style kitchen cupboards. Since the 18th Century, these beautiful, well-made cabinets have been a staple in American kitchens. Timeless, classic, traditional, and durable, there are many reasons to choose these cabinets for your Southcoast kitchen remodeling project. Before you purchase any materials to remodel a kitchen in Taunton or anywhere in the local area, make sure to stop by the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea to see our wide selection of kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

Simple, Classic Construction

One of the biggest reasons why Shaker style cabinets have been around so long is that they are very simple, but offer a very aesthetically pleasing result. Made using a basic frame and panel construction, these rail and stile cabinets offer a very seamless appearance. A flat, center panel is surrounded by a wooden frame that somewhat resembles a picture frame. The hinges for this type of cabinet are typically hidden, similar to a European-style hinge.

Affordable and Easy Care

Another big attraction of Shaker style kitchen cupboards is that they are very affordable. Compared to other more complex designs that require a lot of intricate construction and embellishments, this simple style is great for Southcoast kitchen remodeling on a budget. These cabinets are also very easy to maintain and keep clean. The simplistic design and lack of decorative elements makes for quick wipe downs and, with regular cleanings according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, these cabinets can look great for many years to come.

Many Different Styles

When you install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts that are of the Shaker style, you can include them in with many types of designs and get excellent results. Shaker cabinets have been used with classic, traditional, and contemporary styles, including modern and minimalist, thanks to their streamlined design. Depending on the color and hardware used, Shaker style kitchen cupboards can also be used with a variety of other decorative themes, including farmhouse, shabby chic, country style, vintage, cottage, and much more. For a true New England look, many homeowners throughout the region have used this style to remodel a kitchen in Taunton and the surrounding area because it lends itself so well to the traditional Cape Cod style, as well.

Lots of Color Options

When you visit our showroom to shop for cabinets to use with Southcoast kitchen remodeling, make sure to check out the color options available for our traditional Shaker style kitchen cupboards. The Sturbridge Kitchen features beautiful all wood construction cabinets in natural red birch hues and a very light finish. Dovetail drawer boxes and self-closing fully extended soft-close drawer glides add a touch of elegance to this classic cabinetry series. For those who want an all-white kitchen design, the Dover Kitchen delivers a beautiful series with base, wall, and tall cabinets, along with custom moldings and accessories that can be used to create a truly custom look and feel. Our Salem Series comes in brown and cherry, creating an elegant backdrop for any kitchen design.

Customize With Hardware

If you want to further customize your Shaker style kitchen cupboards for Southcoast kitchen remodeling, consider upgrading the basic materials with some unique hardware options. Choose from a variety of drawer pulls, door knobs, hinges and much more at our Swansea showroom. Shaker cabinets make it easy to create custom results because they work with so many different styles, colors, and designs of knobs and pulls. Choose hardware that stands out or blends in, depending on your personal style. Retro, vintage, and antique hardware can also be used to create a truly unique look for your home.

Ready to install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts? Stop by our showroom on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, MA to see our full line of kitchen cabinets and cupboards. If you plan to remodel a kitchen in Taunton or anywhere in the surrounding area, make sure you start your hunt for top quality Shaker style kitchen cupboards right here at the Cabinet Factory Outlet. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 to speak with one of our team members about our full line of designer cabinetry and materials.

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