10 Reasons to Remodel a Bathroom in Providence, Rhode Island

10 Reasons to Remodel a Bathroom in Providence, Rhode Island

Providence Rhode Island bathroom remodelFor someone sick of looking at the same design, style, and decor of their master bathroom day in and day out, there are lots of reasons to remodel. When it comes to replacing bathroom vanities in Rhode Island or doing a complete renovation, it pays to have a legitimate reason for wanting to invest so much money into this type of project. Depending on the size of your bathroom and the amount of work that needs to be done, a Providence bathroom remodel could cost you anywhere between $5,000 and $50,000. Make sure before you do anything else, regardless of how good the reason, that you have a budget ready and available to pay for to remodel a bathroom in Providence and the surrounding area.

Reason #1 – Increase Home Value

While there are likely a lot of projects you could do that would boost your home’s value, there are two spaces that provide the most significant increase: the kitchen and the bathroom. If your kitchen has already been done, or if you can’t afford to do it at this time, focusing on your bathroom is a great way to boost value. Even a small effort to paint the walls, add new flooring, or replace bathroom cabinets in Rhode Island would make a big difference to an outdated space.

Reason #2 – Plumbing Issues

Sadly, another reason why many homeowners decide to do a Providence bathroom remodel is due to a plumbing problem. Whether you have experienced a leak that has resulted in damage or if you have just become aware that your home has outdated plumbing, replacing outdated bathroom vanities in Rhode Island is a great way to make a frustrating situation a lot more enjoyable.

Reason #3 – Safety Reasons

There are some situations where safety is the primary driving force behind the decision to remodel a bathroom in Providence. Broken tiles, water leaks behind the wall, issues with electrical outlets, peeling paint, damaged fixtures – these are all very good signs that you need to perform a Providence bathroom remodel right away.

Reason #4 – Outdated Design

If you walk into your master bathroom and feel as though you’re in a museum or took a time machine back to your grandmother’s house in the 1960s, it’s time for an upgrade. Modern bathroom cabinets in Rhode Island along with some updated fixtures, flooring, and wall treatments could be just what you need to bring your home up to date.

Reason #5 – Mold and Mildew

Don’t even risk not replacing your bathroom vanities in Rhode Island or skip calling a professional if you have a problem with mold and mildew. If you see mold or mildew, you need to get help right away. Not only can this be difficult to clean and result in damage to your home, but it can be downright dangerous. Don’t try to do this yourself – contact a professional who is experienced with this type of work.

Reason #6 – Upgraded Materials

There have been a lot of changes in recent years with regard to the quality of materials that are used in home construction and renovation. If you would like to upgrade your bathroom cabinets in Rhode Island, get new flooring or replace your outdated soaker tub with a light-show feature multi-head shower, that’s a great reason to remodel a bathroom in Providence.

Reason #7 – More Space

Can you ever have enough space to store all of the things that you need to keep in your master bathroom? From personal items to toiletries, towels and washcloths, cleaning supplies, and more, there just never seems to be enough room to sensibly store it all in an orderly fashion. Check out new bathroom vanities in Rhode Island that offer more storage space and coordinating cabinets that can be installed to help you create a place for everything you need.

Reason #8 – Energy-Saving Efforts

Homes that are more than 20 years of age are likely not built up to the modern code that provides the means to reduce energy and water consumption. Toilets, pipes, fixtures, and other features in your master bathroom should be replaced if they do not meet today’s efficiency standards. Make sure to speak with your contractor about your ideas regarding energy-saving options for your new Providence bathroom remodel.

Reason #9 – Lifestyle Changes

Your home was perfect when you bought it, but now things have changed. If this sounds familiar, then you might need to do a complete floorplan change to ensure that your new master bathroom suits your new requirements. You don’t have to sell your home to get the bathroom of your dreams when you can remodel a bathroom in Providence and get everything that you want.

Reason #10 – It’s Just Time

If you have remodeled every other room in your home, but have saved the master bathroom for last, then it’s just time to get it done. Start shopping for bathroom cabinets in Rhode Island and find the materials you need to remodel a bathroom in Providence according to the standards set by the rest of your house. Make sure that the colors, materials, and styles all flow and coordinate through the home to add resale value for the future.

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