How to Remodel a Kitchen in Pawtucket and Not Lose Your Mind

How to Remodel a Kitchen in Pawtucket and Not Lose Your Mind

Pawtucket Kitchen RemodelIf you have been thinking about remodeling your kitchen but are concerned about all of the stress and problems that can happen through the process of Pawtucket kitchen remodeling, we have some good news. Take a look at these expert tips shared by professional contractors that can help you achieve your goals without going totally crazy. Before you remodel a kitchen in Pawtucket, think about these tips for upgrading to all wood construction cabinets and ideas that will help you shop for top quality kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island without blowing your budget. You can do this. Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA can help.

Measure Twice (or Even More)

One of the biggest headaches associated with remodeling a kitchen is accidentally ordering the wrong size materials. Whether this is your all wood construction cabinets, flooring, or accessories, it pays to measure everything carefully and then do it all again to check your numbers. If you are working with a reputable contractor who has lots of experience working with Pawtucket kitchen remodeling, you will see them do this as well. It pays to take multiple measurements and even double-check measurements during installation.

Wait to Order Countertops

You might think that it’s a good idea to order countertops for your kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island at the same time that you order the other materials for your remodeling project. However, contractors say that the best time to place the order is after the cabinets have been installed. This will help to ensure that the base cabinet dimensions fit perfectly after everything else has been installed. Sometimes there are unforeseen gaps or issues that can change the dimension, so it’s better to order those countertops after the cabinets are in to prevent unsightly gaps. Don’t forget to measure twice to make sure you’ve got the right dimensions when you finally do place that order.

Create a Temporary Kitchen

The average Pawtucket kitchen remodeling project can take several weeks or a couple of months to complete. You simply cannot go out to eat for dinner every night throughout that process, especially after paying for a contractor and all wood construction cabinets. Think about the things that you use most in your kitchen every day and consider purchasing small appliances that will help you live a somewhat normal life. Move your refrigerator to this space or at least put it in the garage during construction. Make sure that a sink is available where you can wash dishes and cooking pans. A coffeemaker, a microwave, a toaster oven, an electric pressure cooker, an air fryer, and a hot plate are just some of the things you should consider including in this area.

Consider Larger Appliances

If you are going to remodel a kitchen in Pawtucket that is many years old, you might want to discuss options with your contractor to make space for larger appliances. Even if you don’t completely change the floorplan of your kitchen, you might still be able to carve out some room for a bigger refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, or oven. Additional appliances are also quite popular, including an under-the-counter ice maker, wine chiller, trash station for garbage and recyclables, or “garages” for small appliances. You can also use what is known as “filler strips” to provide you with the option to have more space in the future if you ever want to expand for a wider or taller appliance.

Live With It First

Another excellent tip for those who are considering making a significant change to the floorplan of their kitchen is to have your contractor build you a full-scale model so you can try it out before investing in new kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island. This works great with islands, peninsulas, and other increased storage or workspace areas. Make sure that you and your family can safely navigate around the new all wood construction cabinets and that it makes sense for the flow of your workspace. This can be done quite easily, just by putting together a model out of plywood or even cardboard that matches the dimensions of the new cabinet. You could also do this on your own, just make sure you have the proper measurements so your experiment will be a success.

Don’t Pay Full Price

The best advice you could get with regard to kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island for your Pawtucket kitchen remodeling needs is to never pay full price for materials. In particular, make sure that you cash in on the savings opportunities available at the Cabinet Factory Outlet for our top quality all wood construction cabinets. Stop by our showroom or give us a call at 508-379-6154 to learn more about our materials for you to use to remodel a kitchen in Pawtucket, Providence, or the surrounding area.

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