5 Reasons to Replace Cabinets & Remodel a Kitchen in Taunton

5 Reasons to Replace Cabinets & Remodel a Kitchen in Taunton

replace cabinets in TauntonThere are a lot of DIY tips and videos online that promise to provide you with professional quality results just from refacing, repainting, or resurfacing kitchen cabinets. While it might seem too expensive to install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts as part of a home remodeling project, there are certain times when it is better to replace your Taunton designer cabinets and cupboards. Whether you are looking for excuses to buy brand new all wood kitchen cabinets or if you are trying to figure out how much life your existing cabinets have left, these “five reasons” can help you find a solution. If you are going to remodel a kitchen in Taunton, make sure that all of the materials you buy and the changes you make will provide you with a solid return on your investment.

Reason #1 – Cheap Cabinets

A lot of contractors will put low-grade, cheap cabinets in during the initial construction. This is done to save money on home building, but also because many new homeowners want to switch out the cabinets and replace them with something in their own style instead. If your home is more than ten years old and you have cabinets that are on the lower end of the price spectrum, you are likely in need of replacement. Contractor grade cabinets have a limited lifetime compared to all wood kitchen cabinets. They chip, are made from particle board and other cheap materials, and resurfacing these products is just not possible. You might get away with a coat of paint, but it won’t look right and will definitely not add value to your home. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably time to install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Reason #2 – Changing the Layout

If part of your plans to remodel a kitchen in Taunton is to change the layout and make it more functional or user-friendly, you will need to replace your cabinets. Choose from a wide range of beautiful Taunton designer cabinets at surprisingly affordable prices when you visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA. We have a wide selection of standard and specialty kitchen cabinets and accessories for you to choose from for your new kitchen. Open to the public, we sell to homeowners, property owners, contractors, architects, builders, designers, and anyone else who wants quality kitchen cabinets at a great price.

Reason #3 – Odd Materials

There are certain materials that just can’t be resurfaced or painted. This includes metal cabinetry, which was popular in older homes, as well as the unique minimalist designs found in Scandinavian-style furniture at big box stores. Other types of cabinetry include lacquered cupboards, glass cabinets, and other trendy options that have since fallen by the wayside. If any of this sounds like what you have, you’re probably planning to completely remodel a kitchen in Taunton – cabinets, flooring, countertops, fixtures, appliances, and all!

Reason #4 – Major Disrepair

While we see certain TV designers “fix up” all sorts of antiques and farmhouse-style cabinetry, there are some things that just can’t be repaired. Some cabinets get worn down over time, end up with issues like rot or water damage from leaks, or have pest infestations. If you have a lot of humidity in your home, the wood can swell and cause all sorts of issues requiring you to install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts. Make sure that all drywall and other materials that were also damaged by leaks, pests, and other issues get removed and replaced as well to protect your new Taunton designer cabinets once they are installed.

Reason #5 – Strange Smells

Some materials have a way of absorbing odors that just never seem to go away. Even repainting, resurfacing, or refacing the cabinets won’t do anything about a powerful smell. Misty, musty odors, as well as the smells of rotting food, rodents or other pests, can be difficult to get rid of no matter what you do. When you remodel a kitchen in Taunton that has these issues, it’s best to replace your existing materials with all wood kitchen cabinets from the Cabinet Factory Outlet. There’s nothing quite like that new cabinet smell!

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