Choose a Classic All-White Kitchen for Rhode Island Remodeling

Choose a Classic All-White Kitchen for Rhode Island Remodeling

Trenton Designer Kitchen Series
Trenton Designer Kitchen Series
There are many reasons why the all-white kitchen – white cabinets, white backsplash, white walls – is considered by many to be the classic American style for Southcoast kitchen remodeling. Not only is it perfect in just about any region, bringing brightness and light to the most popular room in the house, but it is an excellent backdrop for any style, design, or trend that you want to embrace for your decor. A neutral, all-white backdrop allows for the use of “pops of color” throughout the space that can be easily changed out as your style and trends evolve. Neutral flooring and countertops used to remodel a kitchen in Pawtucket or Providence can help to facilitate this type of evolutionary design, which allows the homeowner to change the look of the space according to the season.

Different Shades of White

When it comes to the design of your all-white kitchen, there are a couple of different ways to go. A stark, bright white looks clean and inviting in both modern and traditional architectural styles. A more rustic design, such as the popular farmhouse or shabby chic, might benefit from a cream-colored white for shaker style kitchen cupboards that creates a more cozy and casual appearance. Combining various shades of white can also be achieved to create a nice alternative. Either way, when using a basic white, you are creating a kitchen remodel in Rhode Island that will never go out of style.

The colors that you use with your all-white kitchen can be just about any shade of the rainbow. The clean, crisp backdrop of white looks great with seasonal decor from January through the holidays, making your home beautiful for entertaining year-round. Color can be added in a number of ways, through decorative pieces strategically placed on countertops, hung on walls, put on shelves, or stored in open-faced cupboards. Textures should also be added, including table linens, window treatments, decorative elements, and smart choices for hardware, such as doorknobs, drawer pulls, hinges, and more.

Types of Decor That Use All-White Kitchens

Another way that it becomes obvious just how traditional an all-white kitchen can be is the sheer variety of different design styles that will work well with this type of cabinetry. When you choose your all-white materials to remodel a kitchen in Pawtucket or Providence, choose carefully. The design of the cabinets themselves will play a big part in the type of decor that you can include. Shaker style kitchen cupboards, as well as modern options with clean lines, can be very versatile, while other more ornamental pieces might limit you to certain designs.

  • Coastal Style – Touches of tropical color or blues and greens that remind you of the sea can be used with the white cabinetry in this type of kitchen remodel in Rhode Island. Open, airy, clean, and refreshing – get a taste of the ocean year-round in a kitchen that is designed with the islands in mind.
  • New England Classic – Embrace the region and design your new Southcoast kitchen remodeling project in the classic New England style. Touches of wood, seashells, hurricane light fixtures, and breezy hues can really make your home a showcase for your love of the local land and sea.
  • Farmhouse Design – Joanna Gaines made this style popular nationwide, helping to create a movement to a more open, clean, and cozy elegance for homeowners that works well with personal touches. Textural items include rugs, baskets, industrial metals, and unique light fixtures for a wonderful space to cook and spend time with family.
  • Nature Inspired – When rustic meets modern, you get a nature inspired look and feel for your home. Darker, warm countertop materials combine with bamboo wood flooring to highlight the clean lines of the all-white kitchen. Wooden or dark metallic hardware bring stunning accents to the creamy white tones used in this type of kitchen remodel in Rhode Island.
  • Elegant Style – Who says that a classic, all-white kitchen can’t be elegant? Functional meets high-end aesthetic in the most elegant way possible with subtle shades of color popping out from walls, countertops, barstools, and decorative pieces to create a truly stunning appearance. Excellent for entertaining, quality meals with the family, or just enjoying a cup of coffee in the bright, morning sunlight.
  • Open Concept – When the kitchen, dining area, and living space all flow together to create one giant space, it makes the entire room look bigger and function more cohesively. This open design has been around for decades but has only recently gained momentum, causing homeowners across the country to knock down walls and embrace the appeal of this clean style.

Quality Cabinets at Discount Prices

If you are making plans for Southcoast kitchen remodeling, be sure to stop by our showroom at The Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, Massachusetts. We have a wide range of all-white kitchen designs for you to choose from for a kitchen remodel in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut. Our Trenton Designer Kitchen Series features ivory paint, a full-overlay design with recessed panel shaker style kitchen cupboards, and soft-close hinges. Our drawers are made from quality all-wood, dovetail joined design with fully-extending, soft-close drawers that are a real pleasure to use.

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