Common Bathroom Complaint in New Bedford: Not Enough Storage

Common Bathroom Complaint in New Bedford: Not Enough Storage

Sturbridge Designer Bathroom Series
Sturbridge Designer Bathroom Series
Big bathrooms, small bathrooms; master bathrooms, guest bathrooms – what do all of these spaces have in common, besides being bathrooms? Not enough storage space. It is rare that you will find a homeowner who says they have enough storage space in their home, let alone in the bathroom. Finding a place to store everything from towels and personal hygiene products to cleaning supplies can be difficult. While some homeowners ultimately end up putting toiletries and extra towels in a hall closet, others attempt to purchase shelving units as a means of boosting storage space.

If you are planning to do a bathroom remodel in New Bedford, now is your chance to create a permanent storage solution. Our solid maple bathroom vanities are often available in multi-piece sets that can be used to expand the amount of storage and functional space in any bathroom. From vanity towers to wall cabinets and extra cupboards, before you install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts, make sure to stop by the Cabinet Factory Outlet to purchase your top-quality New Bedford bathroom vanities and cabinetry at a discounted price. We have all of the most popular styles, colors, and designs at a fraction of what you would expect to pay for quality bathroom materials in our Swansea showroom.

The Vanity Tower

One of the latest means of boosting storage space in American bathrooms is to install a vanity tower. This is a unique piece of bathroom furniture that does not take up any more valuable floor space but offers shelving, cabinetry, and additional storage on top of your existing bathroom counter or new solid maple bathroom vanities. It serves as a beautiful partition between the his-and-hers double vanity sinks, providing space for everything from spa-style rolled towels to canvas bins to stow makeup, extra hygiene products, or anything else that will help you to make better use of the space.

Our vanity towers are made by the same manufacturer that makes our New Bedford bathroom vanities, providing you a custom look-and-feel for your bathroom space without the custom price. Choose the color and style that you like the most and then ask about specialty cabinets and storage options. While the vanity tower is not available to match every style at our Swansea showroom, it is available with our high-end products. Leave the shelving open or customize with coordinating doors that either match the wood or that feature glass inside of the frames. Lighting can even be added by your contractor to increase the function and flair of this innovative piece.

Under Counter Storage

Our bathroom vanities are all built at a luxurious 34-1/2 inch height to improve function and increase storage space under the counters. Some models of our solid maple bathroom vanities have drawers in addition to doors, increasing the way that you can customize your storage opportunities. Inserts can be added to separate the drawers, providing space for makeup, toiletries, personal hygiene products, and more. Under the counter in the cupboard space, you can store things like extra towels or paper items, cleaning supplies, and just about anything you might want to keep in your bathroom area.

Consider adding extra shelving or removable shelving options can also be used to further boost function under the counter. This can help you to maximize the use of that taller 34-1/2 inch cabinet, keeping towels and other useful items separate from cleaners, hairdryers and other styling tools. Home organization stores and other home supply outlets will often have a whole section dedicated to under counter storage solutions for kitchens and bathrooms that you can use to your advantage.

The Wall Cabinet

Another storage option that you can use for your bathroom remodel in New Bedford when you install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts is the wall cabinet. Some of the designs and styles that we sell have matching specialty cabinets that can be used to boost storage space in your home. Choose from a wide range of New Bedford bathroom vanities and matching wall cabinets that can be used for extra towels, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and other essential items. Beautifully designed to match our other solid maple bathroom vanities, you can create a custom, top-quality look in your home at a fraction of the cost when you visit The Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea.

Stop by our showroom to see our quality cabinets and vanities in person, or give us a call at 508-379-6154. We can answer any questions you might have about our cabinetry, or you can read more about each design that we offer on our website. Consider the Sturbridge Designer Series bathroom set in beautiful solid red birch. It features raised panel doors, slab drawer fronts, self-closing steel drawer glides, and a large assortment of options that can be added to create a custom bathroom space for your master or guest bathroom.

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