What Type of Wood is Best for Your Dartmouth Kitchen Remodel?

What Type of Wood is Best for Your Dartmouth Kitchen Remodel?

Kingston Designer Series
Kingston Designer Series
Choosing the best materials for your remodeling project is essential to get the results that you desire. Long-lasting and durable wood can help your kitchen to look great, function properly, and increase your home’s value. There are many different types of wood that are used to build kitchen cabinets, but not all varieties are equal. Of course, staying within budget is also very important, so it pays to know where to shop. The cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts provides a wide range of top quality Swansea kitchen cabinets and cupboards that you can use in your Dartmouth kitchen remodel. Choose from a large selection, including cherry stained solid maple and natural red birch, along with other popular options.

Top Quality Wood for Kitchens

At the high end of the spectrum, the types of wood that are considered to be the best include cherry, maple, oak, and birch. There are pros and cons to each type of wood, based upon your needs. Cost, durability, function, and aesthetic appeal are just some of the top reasons why homeowners will choose one material over another. There are also different uses for each type of wood. Some woods are more commonly used for the framing of the cabinets and cupboards, while others are desired more for cabinet doors and face frames. Resistant to denting and scratching or easy-to-keep-clean, what are your must-have qualities in cabinets for your Dartmouth kitchen remodel?

  • Cherry, Maple, and Oak – Commonly used for cabinet doors and face frames because they are resistant to damage, including denting and scratching. Because of this, you will find that these cabinets, whether natural color cherry or cherry stained solid maple, are often more expensive. However, you can get a great deal on these high-quality woods at our cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts. Maple is often a top choice because it is one of the hardest wood species used for cabinets. Cherry is also popular, because of the warm, rich color and subtle, intricate grain pattern of the wood itself.
  • Birch, Beech, and Red Oak – The next level of hardwood species used in cabinetry are also considered to be more expensive because they are popular with homeowners who demand quality Swansea kitchen cabinets. We carry a beautiful red birch cabinet series at the Cabinet Factory Outlet under our Sturbridge collection. It features modern, clean-looking shaker style kitchen cupboards that highlight the natural red hues of the wood with a very light finish. Specialty cabinets and other expanded specialized products are available within this series.
  • Walnut and Mahogany – Two other popular hardwoods include walnut and mahogany. While not as popular today as they once were, they are also still considered high-end wood materials. Walnut is quite dark, and mahogany features a natural red hue that many find appealing. However, many of today’s modern design trends and colors do not work well with these woods, with many homeowners choosing maple, red birch, and cherry over these darker colors of wood.
  • Plywood – If you are looking for cheap, contractor-grade cabinets, you will likely find plywood. There are various grades of plywood, including AA or premium, which is the most expensive. You can also find grade A, as well as grades B, C, D, and E, which will have inconsistent coloring, streaking, and are quite easy to damage. Typically used in apartments or by contractors in “affordable” family homes, many homeowners look to replace these lower grade products as soon as possible. You won’t find cheap quality materials at our cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts, just great deals on quality solid maple, red birch, and cherry wood cabinets and cupboards.

Quality Beyond the Wood

When shopping for materials to use in your Dartmouth kitchen remodel, remember that there are other hallmarks of quality in addition to the wood that is used in construction. Start by looking at the drawers. We have all seen the poor quality doors that have nailed-on bottoms and plastic slides. They fall apart after just a few years of use and cannot stand up to a busy family kitchen. At the Cabinet Factory Outlet, our Swansea kitchen cabinets feature solid wood dovetail boxes, and fully-extendable, self-closing, under mount steel drawer glides for easy use and quality. A six-way adjustable concealed hinge is used on all doors, five-piece drawer fronts are used to create a high-end look and feel.

Kitchen wall and base cabinets can all be customized based on the customer’s needs. Side panels, false drawers, finished toe kicks, drawer knobs, drawer pulls, and many other accessories and specialty items can be used to create a semi-custom kitchen that will exceed your expectations. Our Kingston Kitchen collection is made from 100 percent wood design featuring a full overlay with detailed panel doors for expensive-looking, high-end results at affordable prices. Be sure to check out our warehouse clearance and closeout specials for up to 70 percent off select cabinets and vanities. Create a beautiful kitchen without breaking the bank when you visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea for our natural, brown, and cherry stained solid maple collections.

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