Increase the Storage Space With New Bedford Bathroom Vanities

Increase the Storage Space With New Bedford Bathroom Vanities

No one ever has enough storage space in their home:, especially in the bathroom. When it comes time to start shopping for materials to use when you remodel a bathroom in New Bedford, make sure to think about storage. There are lots of great options at the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea. We are open to the public, selling to homeowners, designers, decorators, architects, commercial property owners, and contractors. Stop by our showroom and take a look at all of the options available at our Southcoast cabinet outlet store. You can get quality all-wood construction New Bedford bathroom vanities at a fraction of the cost.

Choose Lots of Drawers

One way to boost storage is to pick a vanity that features drawers to stow toiletries, makeup, hairbrushes, personal products, and extra towels. Just a quick look at our Designer Bathroom Collection reveals quite a few choices that fit this bill. The Wheaton Bathroom Vanity is a beautiful cream-colored style that offers two deep drawers for extra storage. The Dover Bathroom Vanity features shaker-style drawers that can be used to keep countertops clean and clear. The Trenton Bathroom Vanity is a bit wider and features four drawers and a large shelf underneath to stow extra towels, bath mats, toilet paper, or house baskets with even more storage opportunities.

Drawers are a great way to store items that you don’t want to be seen. While some things like colorful towels or decorative pieces should be displayed front and center, other more personal products should be put away inside the New Bedford bathroom vanities. Consider all the things that you need to store when you shop at our Southcoast cabinet outlet store. In addition to the Designer Bathroom Collection, we also have a variety of vanity styles, colors, and designs in our Craftsman Bathroom Collection that feature ample drawers and other storage opportunities. Make sure to measure your existing cabinets and space to ensure that your new vanities from the Cabinet Factory Outlet will fit properly.

Choose Lots of Undercounter Storage

Most of the vanities that you will see as you look for materials to use to remodel a bathroom in New Bedford will have one or two cabinet doors that open to under-the-counter storage. You might share some of this space with the plumbing for your sink, but there should be room to put a couple of baskets or even install a side shelf that can be used to amplify the existing storage. Make sure to take advantage of all the available space so you will have room for everything you want to store in your New Bedford bathroom vanities.

Plastic baskets, wooden baskets, shelving units, repurposed lazy Susans, organizing units, and much more can all be put to good use under the sink. When you visit our Southcoast cabinet outlet store, make sure to open up all of the cabinets and cupboards inside our vanities so you will be able to see how much space is available. We have a wide range of options in just about every color, style, and design to help you create a beautiful custom or semi-custom bathroom in your home. Excellent for master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, kids’ bathrooms, and extra bathrooms, our cabinetry is made from all-wood construction and is designed to look great and last for many years to come.

Open Shelving and Wall Cabinets

Another way to boost storage in your new bathroom without knocking down a wall is to add open shelving to store items that you don’t mind being seen. You can also use specialty cabinets and accessories from coordinating bathroom and kitchen wall cabinets to stow extra linens and products if you still need more space. Many of the bathroom and kitchen designs that we have are interchangeable, particularly in the Designer and Craftsman Series collections. Take a look at these unique options when you visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet to see how they can all work together.

Stop by our showroom located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, Massachusetts. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can reach one of our team members by calling us at 508-379-6154. Browse our website for more information about the quality and construction of our New Bedford bathroom vanities and other materials. Make sure to look at our other products, which include countertops, hardware, and other accessories.

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