Tips to Complete a Dartmouth Kitchen Remodel for the Holidays

Tips to Complete a Dartmouth Kitchen Remodel for the Holidays

When making plans to update your South Coast kitchen cabinets and do a complete remodel on your kitchen, think back to what it was like to entertain family and friends last holiday season. Let those memories inspire you to make positive changes with your Dartmouth kitchen remodel that will improve the function of the space. Brand new flooring, kitchen and bathroom countertops, increased storage, and a whole new style of decor can do wonders for the look and feel of your home. When you shop at the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts, you can get quality all-wood construction cabinetry at a fraction of the price and get the designer cabinets you want without blowing your budget.

Seating Area Design

One way to make your kitchen more friendly to entertaining guests is to create a unique seating area design. As you formulate the plans for your Dartmouth kitchen remodel, think of where you want guests to mingle, hang out, and chat while you prepare the meal. Many of today’s modern kitchens have a seating area at the countertop, similar to a lunch counter or bar. However, there are lots of ways to add built-in seating that can double as extra storage or get guests out from under your feet and into a private area of their own. Work with your contractor to create seating near a window, expand on an existing dining space to connect it to the kitchen, or find other unique methods that will make your kitchen feel larger even when it is full of family and friends.

Custom Cabinet Doors

There are lots of things that you can do to turn your affordable cabinets from the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts into custom designs. Make sure to ask about our specialty kitchen cabinets, hardware, and accessories that can be used to enhance your South Coast kitchen cabinets. Some homeowners prefer to augment their new cabinetry with open shelving or glass-front cabinets to showcase some of their more kitchenware. Antique dishes, colorful Dutch ovens, glass vases, cookbooks, and collectible items are all great for displaying to add a touch of style to your kitchen space. Make sure that you choose things to feature that go well with your design, so they work to highlight your new cabinets instead of overshadowing them.

Improve Conveniences

Another great idea is to incorporate certain conveniences as part of your Dartmouth kitchen remodel. One current trend is to add built-in garbage and recycling bins that can be pulled out from underneath the counter like a drawer. Look for a spot that is close to the sink for tossing in waste while prepping food or doing dishes. Make sure it is still accessible by guests so you won’t have to continually move out of the way so someone can throw something away. Look for other little conveniences, such as small appliance garages, that will help you to keep your countertops clean and clear while making it easy to use your appliances when you need them. An accessible clean-up station is also a great idea with space for everything from cleaning supplies, extra paper towels, sponges, and anything else you might need to keep things neat.

Set Up a Coffee Station

If you enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea, consider creating your own coffee shop at home. Establish a space on your new kitchen and bathroom countertops near the South Coast kitchen cabinets where you will house your coffee maker. Whether you use a single-use maker or a traditional coffee pot, be sure to add in little touches that will make it a pleasure to make a nice hot cup of coffee or iced coffee. This is great for guests during the holidays, but also throughout the rest of the year, making another enjoyable spot in your custom kitchen design. Include little decorative pieces that can house coffee grounds, K-cups, tea bags, coffee stir sticks, creamer, sugar, and anything else that you want to have nearby within an arm’s reach.

Don’t Overlook Specialty Lighting

Highlight all of the elements in your Dartmouth kitchen remodel with specialty lighting. Spot or task lighting is excellent for your kitchen island, sink area, stove, and anywhere else that you will be chopping, prepping, cutting, or making sandwiches on a regular basis. Specialty lighting can also be used to provide ambient lighting in the evenings, making it easier to get a glass of water or sneak a snack without having to turn on the brighter overhead lights. Cabinet lighting is also a great feature. It can be placed underneath your new South Coast kitchen cabinets or up on top of the wall cabinetry to create a unique mood in your kitchen. Work with an electrician to have your new lights professionally installed and choose fixtures that will compliment your new pieces from the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts.

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