5 Top Ways to Maximize Storage: Bathroom Vanities in Westport

5 Top Ways to Maximize Storage: Bathroom Vanities in Westport

bathroom vanities in westportIt sounds like the perfect question for an episode of The Family Feud: “What’s the one room in your home that never has enough storage?” Top answer: the bathroom! When you start making plans for your Westport bathroom model, remember to keep your focus on storage. While upgrading the function and adding style is also very crucial to a successful remodeling project, storage should always be at the top of the list when you remodel a bathroom in Southcoast. It doesn’t matter how old your house is, or the last time you renovated the same space, you can always use more storage.

Working with a home designer who can solve all of your storage issues with the wave of a magic wand is not in the cards for many homeowners, so you need to be creative. When it comes time to start shopping for bathroom vanities in Westport, head over to the Cabinet Outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts. We have a wide variety of budget-pleasing options for you to choose from in just about every style, color, and design imaginable. We carry many different types of vanities in several price points to meet all of your aesthetic, functional and budgetary needs. View it all in our showroom, which is open to the public and offers fantastic materials at a fraction of the cost anywhere else.

Method #1 – Increase Vanity Size

If at all possible, see if you can increase the size of your vanity when you do a Westport bathroom remodel. Many modern vanities come with multiple drawers, options for coordinating wall cabinets and additional functional space, as well as designer touches for hardware, toe kicks, and trim. A larger vanity might not be possible with every bathroom layout, but if there is room to upgrade to double-sink option or even put two matching vanities in the space side-by-side to boost your storage, why not go for it? With cabinetry at up to 70 percent off original pricing at the Cabinet Factory Outlet, you can finally afford to get the bathroom of your dreams!

Method #2 – Use Storage Solutions

The good news is that there are lots of great storage solutions available that you can use to your advantage to boost the amount of space for personal items, bathroom cleaning products, small beauty appliances, extra towels, and other toiletries. OXO makes excellent organization products, and there are plenty of home improvement center options and online stores available that can fill just about any need you might have. Plastic under-the-cabinet shelving, cubby containers, and baskets are also helpful to maximize storage. Consider rolling up your towels spa-style and display them artfully in your bathroom rather than trying to stow them in a cabinet. Look at hall storage options outside the bathroom for extra space to hide toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and excess toothpaste.

Method #3 – Change the Layout

The bad news is that you might still be limited by the square footage of your bathroom space when it comes to boosting storage. Try to take all of this into consideration when you shop for bathroom vanities in Westport. Working with a contractor can help you to make room where you didn’t think it was possible, taking advantage of unused space in other parts of your home to expand your small master bath into a luxurious en suite. You might be surprised at what a good contractor can do and, when you are saving money by shopping at the Cabinet Outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts, you might be able to afford a bit of extra renovation work.

Method #4 – Hanging Wall Storage

Another way to boost the space for keeping items close without feeling overcrowded is to look at various hanging wall storage options. Open shelving, closed wall cabinets, and item-specific solutions are available that you can use to maximize space. Even a small guest bathroom can be improved with a bit of creativity. Take out that old 1990s whole-wall mirror and put in a modern picture frame-style mirror to provide extra wall space for shelving and cabinet storage for your Westport bathroom remodel. Take a peek at our bathroom vanities and coordinating wall cabinets that can be used to boost storage even in small spaces.

Method #5 – Decrease Vanity Size

While the first suggestion recommended increasing the size of your vanity, you can also switch from a double-sink situation to a single sink and add two floor-to-ceiling towers of storage on either side of a single-sink vanity. Make sure to discuss your ideas with your contractor and bring them along with you when you visit the Cabinet Outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts. We can help you find the best materials and get an excellent deal for your Westport bathroom remodel.

Ready to start shopping? Visit our showroom located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, Massachusetts. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 or stop by anytime during office hours Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

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