Southcoast Kitchen Remodeling With All Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Southcoast Kitchen Remodeling With All Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Studies show that Americans spend more money on kitchen renovation work than any other area of the home. It makes sense when you consider that, for most people, the kitchen is the “hub” of the home. It is where everyone gathers each day when they get home from work or school. It’s where meals are made, shared, and consumed. It is the space where guests come to see what’s cooking at a party or holiday celebration. So much happens in your kitchen; it only makes sense that you should put a lot into it with Southcoast kitchen remodeling. One way to maximize the return on your investment is to purchase quality, all wood kitchen cabinets. While that might seem like it’s out of your budget, before you settle for cheap options at your local home improvement center, visit the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts and take a look at our various natural wood, white, espresso, and cherry stained maple.

Wood Increases Value in Your Home

One of the number one reasons to choose quality all wood kitchen cabinets for your Southcoast kitchen remodeling efforts is that it will instantly increase the value of your home. Shoddy, contractor-grade cabinets won’t make a dent in the real estate estimation and, while they might look great when they are first installed, they won’t last long either. Quality craftsmanship goes into every design that we offer at the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea. Choose from three different price points in our Designer, Craftsman, and Craftsman Premier Series, based on your style and budget. Cherry stained solid maple creates a classic, elegant look and feel for your home, while traditional white can be used to accent architectural designs and give your home that minimalist Cape Cod or Farmhouse style that you’ve always wanted.

Our wide selection of all wood kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and specialty cabinets come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs to meet the needs and interests of our customers. Available at just a fraction of what you would expect to pay for cabinets with concealed, adjustable six-way European-style hinges, detailed panel doors, and soft-close drawer glides for drawer boxes designed with dovetail joints and solid maple construction. When you visit the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts, you will be surprised to see the quality of the materials, the options for accessories, and the price tag for the complete set compared to what you have likely seen elsewhere. Our base cabinets, wall cabinets, and specialty cabinet options can be used to create the semi-custom kitchen of your dreams at a price you can afford.

Long-Lasting Strength and Durability

Another reason to choose all wood kitchen cabinets for your Southcoast kitchen remodeling project is that wood lasts for many years, providing great looks and durable results that will last through kids, grandkids, lots of entertaining, and even some pets. The standard elements of our espresso, painted white, and cherry stained solid maple cabinets are designed to accentuate the beautiful wood grain of the material and create a timeless centerpiece for your kitchen. When you think about all of the things that go into a kitchen – appliances, flooring, backsplash, plumbing and light fixtures – most people notice the cabinetry first before anything else. It pays to invest in cabinets that will create a positive first impression.

Designed to complement many different types of decor, our full line of quality cabinetry is sure to impress guests. Choose from sleek and modern styles to traditional and classic offerings, based on the overall design of your new kitchen and home. Stop by our showroom in Swansea to see the materials yourself in-person to help you make the most informed decision. You will notice right away the difference in quality, as our cabinets stand out from those that are featured at home improvement centers and remodeling catalogs. All wood kitchen cabinets are designed and built to last a long time, helping you to maximize the return on your investment instead of having to turn around and re-do the kitchen again in just a few years.

Available to the Public

You might think that quality materials for Southcoast kitchen remodeling at a showroom in Swansea would be closed to the public, but at the Cabinet Factory Outlet, we sell to everyone. Our showroom is open to homeowners, commercial property owners, designers, architects, builders, contractors, and anyone else that is looking for quality all wood kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. Stop by during our office hours Tuesday through Saturday so you can see our rich espresso, classic white, and cherry stained solid maple cabinetry designs for yourself.

Browse our website to see examples of the various styles that we have available and contact our team if you have any questions. We are happy to help you find the materials you need for your Southcoast kitchen remodeling project. We even carry other material options at our showroom to help you complete the look. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 to speak with one of our customer service specialists or to ask about our warehouse clearance specials!

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