How to Create Kid-Friendly Space: Dartmouth Bathroom Remodel

How to Create Kid-Friendly Space: Dartmouth Bathroom Remodel

One of the most challenging rooms to remodel is a child’s bathroom. Resist the urge to install tiny sinks, low-hanging fixtures, and white cabinets. Think about how you will use the space now and in the future to help maximize the return on your investment. Your littles won’t always be little, so it pays to install a new bathroom vanity in Dartmouth with an older version of your child in mind. Select quality bathroom materials and top quality bathroom cabinets at the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea where you can save considerably on your Dartmouth bathroom remodel. Include all of the elements you want at an affordable price to create a bathroom that will look great and stand up to all of the challenges that childhood can bring to a home.

The Bristol Craftsman Bathroom Series

When you visit our showroom, make sure to consider the popular Bristol Craftsman Bathroom series for your Dartmouth bathroom remodel. It is so well-loved and in-demand, that it is now available in three distinct colors: golden, cherry, and traditional brown. Unlike the white cabinets that you frequently see in designer magazines for a child’s bathroom, these natural wood colors can stand up to day-to-day activities of teeth brushing, grooming, and hand washing.

All three in the Bristol Craftsman Bathroom Series feature all wood cabinet design in full overlay with recessed square panel doors for long-lasting, durable, great-looking results. Top quality bathroom cabinets and vanities can be used to create a semi-custom layout that will provide you with all of the storage and function you desire for your new bathroom vanity in Dartmouth. Choose from specialty cabinets, accessories, and other quality bathroom materials to complete the look and feel for your child’s bathroom. Concealed six-way European style hinges and side mount, epoxy-coated drawer glides make the vanities easy-to-use for even the smallest of children. Stay on budget while creating a Dartmouth bathroom remodel that will stand up to the test of time for many years of style and function.

  • BROWN – The Bristol Brown Collection features deep mocha tones for a traditional rich-and-elegant appearance in a classic design.
  • CHERRY – Luxurious ruddy hues in the attractive finish of the Bristol Cherry Collection offer a traditional appearance that will work with just about any type of architecture or design.
  • GOLDEN – The lightest natural color in this series, the Bristol Golden Collection, adds instant value to your home and is perfect for both large and small bathroom remodeling projects.

Avoid Small and Over-Size Features

You will sometimes see smaller cabinets and sinks place in a child’s bathroom, but all that means is that you will need to replace them when the child gets older. You will also sometimes see large, luxurious soaking tubs that can be difficult for children to get in and out of during bathtime. The Goldilocks approach is often best, offering something that is “just right” for your child at every stage of their life. Well-built and safe-to-use step stools can help little ones reach the sink for independent grooming, teeth brushing, and hand washing. Average size bathtubs and shower fixtures can help kids of all ages learn how to take care of themselves as soon as they are ready while protecting little ones from hot water spouts when they need it.

Real estate agents suggest that you build the bathroom with top quality bathroom cabinets and features for adult-size users and then customize with aftermarket features that can be easily adjusted or removed as your child grows. This avoids the risk of designing too much for kids and having to make expensive changes when you try to sell your home in the future. Custom is nice, but semi-custom that can be adapted throughout the years is the best bet. Consider high-end, quality bathroom materials that can withstand a lot of use and punishment, such as all wood bathroom cabinets and vanities, quartz countertops, and other scratch or stain-resistant features. This will save you money and help you to get more out of your investment over time.

Visit the Cabinet Factory Outlet

Make sure to stop by our showroom in Swansea to see our full line of top quality bathroom cabinets and options for a new bathroom vanity in Dartmouth. Our quality bathroom materials at affordable prices will help you to stretch your budget and create a beautiful Dartmouth bathroom remodel that you will enjoy for many years. Give us a call at 508-379-6154 or browse our website for more examples of all wood construction materials for your next home remodel or renovation project.

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