Southcoast Kitchen Remodeling: Essential Features to Update

Southcoast Kitchen Remodeling: Essential Features to Update

If you are going to do a kitchen remodel in Swansea, MA, and the surrounding area, there are a few features that you should focus on first. If you don’t plan on fully gutting out your existing kitchen to replace it with completely new materials, it pays to know which features are most important to prospective buyers. Even if you don’t have any ideas about selling your home shortly, you should always keep an eye on value. Quality Swansea kitchen cabinets and a smart plan for Southcoast kitchen remodeling will help you to get the best return on your investment. You don’t have to go with high-end cherry stained solid maple or put in expensive hand-chiseled tiles; just make sure that you keep your focus on the items that pay off the most.

Kitchen Cabinets and Cupboards

The number one feature that should be replaced in a kitchen remodel is the cabinets. While there are lots of tips online that show how to strip and paint cabinets, if you have contractor grade cabinetry or if the style of your cabinets is really outdated, no amount of paint and sweat will make a difference. Before you go shopping anywhere else for cabinets to use in your kitchen remodel in Swansea, MA make sure to stop by the Cabinet Factory Outlet. We have many different colors, styles, and designs in three different price points to help homeowners and property owners in the Southcoast region achieve their remodeling goals.

Quality, well-made cabinets can make a big impact on the look, feel, and function of your home, creating a positive impression on anyone who visits. Studies show that the two most important rooms in any home include the kitchen and the master bathroom, so if you are committed to doing some Southcoast kitchen remodeling, you are halfway toward getting everything in your home up-to-date. Our website provides details on how to properly measure your existing cabinets. You might be able to get away with simply replacing what is already there without having to completely change the layout. This is a great way to save money on a remodeling project and avoid having to bring in electricians or plumbers to reorganize your home’s utility systems.

Kitchen Countertops

You can’t really replace your Swansea kitchen cabinets without also changing out the countertops. If you have outdated countertops or if you are sick and tired of what you have, it may be time for an upgrade. Granite and countertops are popular but quite pricey. To save money, consider other options that have a similar look and feel but cost a lot less. There are lots of options when it comes to countertops for your Southcoast kitchen remodeling project. Take some time to look at the countertops that we have for sale at the Cabinet Factory Outlet when you come to see our cabinets. We make it easy to mix and match the best colors, styles, and options for cabinets and countertops when you visit our Swansea outlet showroom.

Kitchen Lighting

One of the ways that you can really update your kitchen is to make improvements to the lighting. Even homes that are just a few years old could really to with a makeover with lighting. Overall lighting is great, but task lighting over areas where you prepare food, cook, or hang out at a counter stool can make the space even more functional. Consider under mount lighting for your new Swansea kitchen cabinets. It’s a lot easier to install the lighting when you have everything else out during the Southcoast kitchen remodeling project. Overhead lights can be put on a dimmer switch so you can adjust the brightness depending on the time of day. Consider upgrading light switches as well, so they are just as modern as the design that you choose for your kitchen remodel in Swansea, MA.

Kitchen Flooring

Choosing flooring options that coordinate with your new kitchen cabinets is just as essential as picking a countertop design that matches with your cherry stained solid maple cupboards. You want everything to go together seamlessly, as though they were designed to work together. Consider the type of flooring, the cost, and how easy it will be to maintain it. If possible, install a non-slip floor that will make your home even safer. If you are working with a designer or a contractor to complete your kitchen remodeling project, make sure to bring them with you to the Cabinet Factory Outlet so they can assist you in choosing the best quality cabinets for your home.

Visit Our Showroom

Make sure to come out to the Cabinet Factory Outlet to see our cabinets in person before you go anywhere else. Check out our Spring Clearance Sales Event to take advantage of great deals for your home. Contact our team by calling 508-379-6154 and speak with one of our sales team members to learn more about our high-quality cabinets at affordable prices.

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