How to Remodel a Kitchen in Providence to Increase Home Value

How to Remodel a Kitchen in Providence to Increase Home Value

remodel kitchen in Providence Rhode IslandWhen people remodel their homes, they do it for several reasons. If you are sick-and-tired of looking at the same kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island, you might be longing for the opportunity to replace them. If you realize that your cabinets are falling apart and are not holding up well over time, you might be forced to upgrade. However, one of the more popular reasons why homeowners decide to remodel a kitchen in Providence is in preparation for selling their home. Quality replacement of South Coast kitchen cabinets can help to boost the value of your home and help you to sell it faster. Replacing contractor-grade plywood with all wood construction cabinets can significantly improve the value and, when done properly, provide a 70-100 percent return on investment, matching the cost dollar-for-dollar in the price of the home.

Why Do a Kitchen Remodel?

You might be thinking that because you are selling, you shouldn’t invest the time, money, and hassle that occurs when you remodel a kitchen in Providence. The truth is that the value you receive from renovation is more than just financial. A well-planned kitchen with quality South Coast kitchen cabinets will sell much faster and fetch a better price than one that needs to be upgraded. While some might see an old kitchen as a fun fixer-upper project, the majority of prospective home buyers want something move-in ready that will suit their needs. When you purchase all wood construction cabinets in a neutral color and style that matches the architecture and design of your home, you create a win-win option for buyers that will make them want to put in an offer without delay.

Work With Your Agent

If you already have a real estate agent that you have been talking to about the sale of your home, consider working with them to decide which features should be upgraded or replaced. Real estate agents have experience and knowledge of home pricing and value; they understand what today’s prospective buyers want in a home – especially in your local market. So don’t just replace old kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island with cheap materials just to “get it done” before a sale, take time to learn which replacements will add the best value and help to get your home in and out of escrow as quickly as possible. Your agent can even assist you in choosing the right accessories, hardware, specialty items, fixtures, colors, and styles to save you time and money.

Top of the Line Everything?

Remodeling a home for resale does not mean investing in professional-grade appliances or installing custom cabinets. However, it does mean choosing quality materials that will appeal to the masses. While you might find one out of a thousand shoppers who appreciate a teal or peach-colored kitchen, the majority will want something clean, modern, and freshly painted in a neutral color. One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make in renovating for resale is spending more than the overall value of the home can support. Investing $50,000 in a kitchen for a home that will only yield a maximum value of $200,000 is wasting your money. A new kitchen should be approximately 5-10 percent of the total home value to get a solid return.

Save on South Coast Kitchen Cabinets

When you come to the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea, MA, you can find quality South Coast kitchen cabients that will add value to your home at an affordable price. Popular colors, styles, designs, and sizes are available in our all wood construction cabinets. Whether you work with a contractor or do the DIY project on your own, our showroom is open to the public. Before you do anything to remodel a kitchen in Providence, come to see our quality cabinets and check out our prices. You can get stylish, modern materials at a fraction of the cost compared to home improvement centers and custom cabinets manufacturers. We also carry countertops, hardware, and specialty cabinets to create semi-custom results that will wow your prospective buyers and help to sell your home.

Add Some Unique Features

One tip that agents tell their clients is that they should add unique elements to their kitchen cabinets in Rhode Island that will help them stand out. This does not mean adding a purple backsplash or something that will only appeal to one percent of home buyers, but it does mean adding something that is currently popular in home design trends. It does not have to cost a lot, but it will make a big impact if you choose wisely. Under-cabinet fixtures to add ambient lighting, task lighting over cutting areas or sinks, and skylights can really impress. Stone countertops, pull-out pantries, appliance garages, and extra drawers in unexpected places are also valuable to shoppers. Go over your options, study home decorating trends, and look for ideas that will work with your existing floorplan and be affordable to include. Stop by the Cabinet Factory Outlet to see our full line of quality all wood construction cabinets for your home remodeling project.

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