What Type of Wood is Best for New Bedford Bathroom Vanities?

What Type of Wood is Best for New Bedford Bathroom Vanities?

new bedford bathroom vanitiesShopping for materials to use in your South Coast home remodeling project can be exciting and intimidating. There are so many options available for kitchen and bathroom countertops and cabinets. While you don’t want to over-spend, you also don’t want to get cheap products that will have to be replaced again in a few years. When you start shopping for New Bedford bathroom vanities, make sure to stop at the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts. We carry a wide range of styles, designs, and colors that you can use for your remodeling project that are affordably priced. In fact, our quality all wood construction vanities are a fraction of what you would expect to pay anywhere else.

Types of Wood Used in Bathroom Vanities

Next to the kitchen, a bathroom remodeling project is one of the most valuable projects that you can invest in as a homeowner. Consider everything that you don’t like about your bathroom space currently and look for materials that will help you to make improvements. Take a peek at how the materials that are there now have held up over time. Do you have water damage? What caused it? Did the materials hold up well, or are you replacing them earlier than expected? Does the style look good in your home, or do you want to upgrade in quality? These are important questions that will help you when you start shopping for New Bedford bathroom vanities to replace your existing materials.

Common types of wood used in bathroom vanities include:

  • plywood
  • medium density fiberboard (MDF)
  • oak
  • maple

The Problem With Plywood and MDF

When builders or homeowners go with the cheaper options, there are usually negative side effects that can impact the quality and longevity of the project. For example, plywood is not a natural wood, nor is it solid. Plywood will become more damaged over time if exposed to water – like in a bathroom setting – and could warp, rot, or break apart much more easily than solid maple bathroom vanities. It might be cheaper initially but will ultimately cost you more by having to replace it in just a few short years. Plywood also does not provide the quality finish that you can expect to get from solid wood bathroom vanities.

MDF or medium density fiberboard is similar to plywood in that it is man-made. Different types of compressed wood are used, which can make it more resistant to bathroom moisture than plywood, but there are still drawbacks. While it is technically more resistant to moisture, MDF should not come in contact with water, or it will warp. While easy to paint, MDF cannot be stained or easily repaired if damage occurs. Recent concerns have been raised by environmentalists regarding the leaking of gasses in MDF materials that could be harmful to your health. Those searching for an environmentally-friendly solution should steer clear of MDF materials for their home remodeling projects.

Why Solid Wood is Best

While solid wood will cost a bit more initially for New Bedford bathroom vanities, it has a strong return on investment because it is the most durable material for bathroom cabinets. There are many different types of solid wood materials that can be used, but solid maple bathroom vanities are by far the most popular. Solid maple will hold up nicely in a bathroom climate, which is frequently used and often quite humid. Make sure to take care by providing adequate ventilation to allow humidity to escape whenever you work on a bathroom remodeling project. This can be outsourced by a professional to ensure the best results, or you can simply upgrade an existing vent with a more modern product option.

When you visit the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts, you will see that we have a wide range of options available in colors, styles, and designs for our solid maple bathroom vanities. We also carry a variety of kitchen and bathroom countertops that can be used to compliment your new bathroom vanities and cabinets. We have dark wood options, such as cherry and espresso stained solid maple bathroom vanities, as well as lighter varieties, including blonde, white, and cream. Browse our online portfolio or stop by our showroom to see our options in person. You can reach our staff by calling 508-379-6154 to ask questions about our showroom hours and availability.

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