How to Choose: White or Cherry Stained Solid Maple Kitchen?

How to Choose: White or Cherry Stained Solid Maple Kitchen?

southeastern massachusetts kitchen cabinetsPicking the right colors for your kitchen remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts can sometimes be the most challenging part of home renovation. You could always just replace what is already there and stick with a safe color combination, or you might be ready for something totally different. What you should do is make sure that you select solid maple kitchen cabinets that are designed to stand the test of time. All wood construction cabinets will look better, last longer, and perform significantly greater than the items you are replacing, especially if they are the originals that came with your home.

The truth is that many builders use contractor-grade cabinetry, which is made of a lot of pressboard, laminate, and other cheap materials. Sometimes known as “starter cabinetry” or used in the construction of track housing, these cabinets are meant to be replaced when the homeowner is ready to personalize and upgrade. When you shop at our cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts, you will immediately see the difference in our cabinetry. So whether you want white, brown, espresso or cherry stained solid maple cabinets, you will find them all here at the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea.

Dark or Light Kitchen Cabinets

Rather than focus on white painted versus cherry stained solid maple, you should be thinking about whether dark cabinets or light-colored cabinets would work better in your space. Smaller kitchens can appear larger and more expansive when white or cream-colored all wood construction cabinets are used. Very large kitchens can look more cohesive and appear to make better use of the space when darker options are selected. However, it typically all comes down to taste. If you prefer light versus dark or dark over light, then that is what you should go with for your Southeastern Massachusetts remodeling project.

Another way that you can make a smart decision before purchasing your solid maple kitchen cabinets is to consider the other colors you want to use. Some homeowners prefer a neutral space that can be personalized with decorative items, colorful small appliances, window treatments, and linens. In that case, an all-white kitchen might be in order, which would mean cabinetry to match. However, there are some very lovely all espresso or blonde kitchens that are just as successful for this approach to home decor that could be created for your newly remodeled space. Classic cherry and other colors might also be used, depending on the statement you want to make and the overall architecture of the home.

Cleaning Considerations

Still, another method that can be used for selecting your new cabinetry is to consider how the materials will need to be cleaned. A white kitchen looks clean, fresh, and sanitary, providing a feeling of confidence for home chefs and guests alike. However, all of that “clean” must be done regularly to avoid stains, marks, and messes from doing damage to the white cabinetry. Regular cleaning, dusting, and scrubbing must be done to maintain the sanitary appearance, especially if the kitchen is all-white, including cabinetry, flooring, countertops, appliances, and walls. Homeowners who have white or light-colored kitchens must stay on top of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines to ensure that they keep looking their best.

Darker cabinetry is a bit more forgiving, which makes it appealing to homeowners who are busy, have young children, or have indoor pets. While regular cleaning and maintenance are required to maintain these all wood construction cabinets and provide the best return on investment for installation, some things can “hide” in plain sight and are not as obvious as they would be on an all-white surface. Cherry stained solid maple is a great choice for a rental property, a household with young children, or for a home that has other cherry wood pieces throughout other rooms. While you don’t have to match all of your cabinetry in home remodeling these days, it can be quite stunning when you have the same materials used in the kitchen, bathroom, and dining area to reflect the overall decor and architecture of the home.

What Will You Choose?

Your best bet is to browse our online catalog to see our Designer, Craftsman, and Craftsman Premier Series options at our cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts. Contact our team directly by calling 508-379-6154 to learn about our location, hours, and services. We can answer any questions you might have about our all wood construction cabinets and sell to the general public, including homeowners, contractors, property owners, and designers. You can count on the Cabinet Factory Outlet to provide you with great-looking, durable solid maple kitchen cabinets at affordable prices in just about every style, design, and color.

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