Start Making Plans to Do a Bathroom Remodel in South Coast

Start Making Plans to Do a Bathroom Remodel in South Coast

bathroom remodel south coast materialsEven if you aren’t quite ready to get started on Dartmouth bathroom remodeling, you can always start looking at materials, gather prices, and begin thinking about what you want to do with the space. The signs that it’s time for a bathroom remodel in South Coast are usually pretty clear, either the existing materials are wearing out, out-dated, or no longer performing as you need them to in some way, shape, or form. Maybe you’ve outgrown your current storage situation, and as the kids get older, you need more room for personal grooming products and styling tools? Or maybe you are just sick-and-tired of the same color and style that you have looked at for the past ten years, and it’s time for a change? Whatever your reasons, you can find a wide range of solid maple bathroom vanities, accessories, hardware, and a selection of kitchen and bathroom countertops at the Cabinet Factory Outlet in Swansea.

Why Shop the Outlet?

If you are looking for top-quality, all wood construction cabinets that feature soft-close drawers, European door hinges, and other functional extras at affordable prices, you’ll find it all here. Beautiful solid maple bathroom vanities and remodeling materials at a fraction of what you would expect to pay are available in our Swansea showroom. We are open to the public and sell directly to homeowners, contractors, commercial property owners, landlords, designers, and architects. So whether you are planning a Dartmouth bathroom remodeling project or you are choosing materials for a brand new home, you will find everything you need at the Cabinet Factory Outlet.

You can preview some of the items that we have for your bathroom remodel in South Coast on our website, such as our Wheaton Bathroom Designer Series. This color, design, and style works with a wide range of home decor patterns, including classic cottage, traditional, Cape Cod, and other popular options right here in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The solid maple bathroom vanities are painted in a cream finish and feature a rich mocha glaze for added detail and a touch of style. You get excellent value for the price at the Cabinet Factory Outlet. European-style concealed hinges, dovetail drawer boxes, and side-mounted full-extension steel glides make these cabinets a pleasure to use.

Luxury Height Vanities

You might have seen them before in decorator magazines, at a friend’s home, or in a luxurious hotel, but until you have them in your own home, you won’t be able to appreciate them fully. At the Cabinet Factory Outlet, we carry solid maple bathroom vanities in heights of 34-1/2 inches for added comfort, function, and increased storage. Traditional vanity heights are significantly shorter and come it at around 30-32 inches in height. For some prospective home buyers, this is something that they look for when home shopping. They want a more modern height for kitchen and bathroom countertops, so if you are doing any type of Dartmouth bathroom remodeling and will be selling your home in the foreseeable future, you might want to take this into consideration.

The trend is toward creating higher vanities for ease of use. Instead of having to bend way over to brush your teeth, wash hands and splash water on your face, the luxury heights make it easier – and less messy. There are other benefits of higher vanities, such as a bit more storage space underneath the sink and a more modern look. It can improve the scale in many different types of bathrooms, including the master, guest, or even a child’s bathroom. Step stools are often used by kids anyway, so this should not be an issue if you want to replace your solid maple bathroom vanities throughout the house to achieve a more modern height. The maximum you should go with bathroom vanities is 36-inches in height, so our 34-1/2 inch options are right in the “sweet spot,” providing increased ease of use without the risk of being too high for some family members.

Reasons to Remodel

One way to help you make decisions about choosing materials for your Dartmouth bathroom remodeling project is to consider why you are doing it in the first place. Focus on storage if your current set-up lacks space for all of your things. Pay attention to color and style if you are replacing a design that is out-of-date or simply does not work with the rest of the home. Use your project for a bathroom remodel in South Coast to fix things that are a problem for you and your family to make the home more pleasurable to use and spend time in together. While you might be tempted to rush into making decisions, the more time you take to consider the things you want to change, the less likely you will be to make costly mistakes. Contact the Cabinet Factory Outlet at 508-379-6154 to learn more about our hours, location, and service options.

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